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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Beyond a Joke DLC guide – Burglary at the Calf Residence

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Let’s discuss the Burglary at the Calf Residence, part of the Beyond a Joke DLC in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. The manor is along Baskerville Street north of Silent Way.


Talk to the lady and enter the house. Here’s what you need to check:

  • There’s a broken wine bottle in the main hall near the entrance.
  • Go to the side room where the magic show was performed. Investigate the saw box magic trick and the note.
  • To the left of the saw box, you’ll find a magician’s top hat with a couple of spots that you can interact with.
  • Go to the room on the second floor. Inside, you’ll see another magician’s box. Take a look at the written message and the leaf.

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This will let you piece together the crime scene by activating the floating icon on the second floor. Here’s what you need to select:

  • Second-floor room – The suspect was climbing over the magician’s box and through the window.
  • First-floor main hall – The maid accidentally dropped the wine bottle.
  • First-floor side room – The suspect is inside the magician’s box.

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You’ll receive a clue called The Amazing Synchronicity. Go outside and check the yard (you can activate Concentration, too). Inspect the pomegranate tree, the ladder, and the shed. Inside the shed, Sherlock will make remarks about the pants and boots.

When you’re done, make sure that The Amazing Synchronicity is pinned. Speak with the lady to finish your investigation here. All right, let’s go to the next part of our guide to talk about the Burglary at the Lane Residence.

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