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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Beyond a Joke DLC guide – Burglary at the Lane Residence

Let’s discuss the Burglary at the Lane Residence, part of the Beyond a Joke DLC in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. The manor is at the intersection of Sol’s Row and Joy Avenue.


Talk to the man in the main hall. Next, examine the following:

  • Main hall – The guest logbook and the model of the orphanage.
  • Main hall – The magician’s box. Take a look at the fake oranges, the glasses, and the button behind the box.
  • Second-floor railing – Use concentration to see the blue paint markings.
  • Second-floor hallway – Follow the hallway and use Concentration on the other railing.

Shlhlch1 Byjkgd 2a

There are two rooms on the second floor that you need to investigate. There’s a room that’s being renovated across from the door that leads you to the gallery. Examine the wooden board with paint, the paint bucket, and the footprint. Also, use Concentration on the shelf.

Next, you’ll find the gallery at the end of the winding corridor. Check the wall where the stolen painting was set, including the written message.

Shlhlch1 Byjkgd 2b

You should then have all the evidence to reconstruct the crime scene:

  • Gallery – The suspect was writing the message on the wall.
  • Hallway – The suspect attempted to walk across a wooden beam.
  • Room that’s under renovation – The suspect walked away carrying the rolled-up painting.

Shlhlch1 Byjkgd 2d

You’ll receive a clue called Across the Plank and Back. Speak with the gentleman with the evidence pinned to complete this investigation.

All right, let’s go to the next part of our guide to talk about the Burglary at the Grouber Residence.

Shlhlch1 Byjkgd 2e

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