Sherlock Holmes Chapter One — The Gilded Cage and statue puzzle

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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – The Gilded Cage (The Yard)

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Let’s talk about the Gilden Manor Yard, the first area in The Gilded Cage investigation in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One.


Investigating the crime scene

Oops! It looks like Theodore Gilden is dead, trampled by his elephant Goliath. But, given that this is a Sherlock Holmes story that we’re dealing with, then nothing is ever as straightforward. Go ahead and check for clues, such as the marks on the body, the post with the balloon, the dolls, as well as as the elephant’s enclosure.

Likewise, you should check the narrow passageway to see a wooden fence that’s been destroyed. You can find a small knife here, along with a cracked indentation on the left-hand side.

After finding all the clues, you can reconstruct the crime scene. From the elephant’s pen to the exit:

  • The elephant had its trunk wrapped around Gilden.
  • It carried Gilden’s lifeless body to the middle of the yard.
  • An unknown individual ran away from the yard.

Following Goliath and Jon’s Challenge: Elephant’s Life

Talk to the witnesses milling on the street and they’ll tell you that the elephant ran off toward Greek Bridge. Activate Concentration and follow the trail. It will lead you to a stream in the forest. Check the robe here, too.

As for Jon’s challenge, he wants you to look for a newspaper article about Goliath the elephant. Go to Cordona Chronicles and check the archives:

  • Evidence – Elephant’s Life
  • Period – 1870 to 1879
  • People – Journalists
  • Section – Front page

All right, let’s go to the next part of our guide for The Gilded Cage. We’ll head inside Gilden Manor to talk to Imogen.

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