Sherlock Holmes Chapter One — The Gilded Cage and statue puzzle

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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – The Gilded Cage (The Manor)

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Let’s talk about the interior of the manor where we’ll meet Imogen Gilden as part of The Gilded Cage investigation in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One.


Next up, you should be able to enter Gilden Manor (try to dress like a cop if necessary). In one of the rooms on the second floor, you’ll find Theodore’s daughter Imogen. There are a lot of clues for us to find not just in her room, but also in her father’s bedroom (also on the second floor). These include the Ivory Baths map (you need to take a photo of this with Sherlock’s camera), various books and letters, the finger prosthetic, and the perfume bottle that smells like it’s made to attract elephants (yikes!).

Jon’s Challenge: Bazookaeology Trilogy

You’ll find a book about “False Idols” in Imogen’s bedroom. This is part of the Bazookaeology Trilogy, a set of bawdy novels that Jon wants you to look for. You’ll get the other two in the next areas. Speaking of which…

Where to go next?

Talk to Imogen once more and provide evidence. The important ones are her photo, the letter from her lover, and the map of the Ivory Baths. We’ll then have a couple of options which you can complete in any order:

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