Sherlock Holmes Chapter One — The Gilded Cage and statue puzzle

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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – The Gilded Cage (The Yacht Club and Workshop)

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Let’s talk about the Workshop where we’ll meet Paul Perks as part of The Gilded Cage investigation in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One.


Finding the Workshop

The Salacia Yacht Club is in southern Grand Saray. Talk to one of the upper-class nobles here to learn that Paul Perks, Imogen’s lover, didn’t show up for a contest. Go to the docks and enter the workshop. Inside, you’ll find important clues. These include:

  • Whirlpool – The name of Paul’s boat.
  • The storage room – It has a foghorn and another book that’s part of the Bazookaeology Trilogy.
  • A hidden key – With Yacht Club Workshop selected as evidence, you can reveal a hidden key in the notice board with the name of champions.
  • Paul’s office – The key opens Paul’s office. Inside, you’ll find bloody rags, a letter with a threat, a box of darts laced with chemicals, and canned food with drugs inside.

Meeting Paul Perks

Paul Perks shows up once you leave his office. While constructing his character profile, Sherlock notices that Paul is actually a woman who’s been disguised a man. It seems that Theodore Gilden, after finding out his daughter’s relationship, threatened to ruin Paul’s career.

A group of thugs will also arrive and you’ll need to fight them. Once they’ve been taken out, you can talk to Paul and present evidence. He’ll give you answers, but we still need to learn more.

Next, we’ll make our way to the Archaeological Dig Site to talk to Arthur Swift. If you’ve already done that, then it’s time for us to lure the elephant and conclude our investigation.

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