Sherlock Holmes Chapter One — The Gilded Cage and statue puzzle

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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – The Gilded Cage (Archaeological Dig Site)

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Let’s talk about the Archaeological Dig Site where we talk to Arthur Swift and solve a statue puzzle as part of The Gilded Cage investigation in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One.


Finding the Archaeological Dig Site

First, go to Cordona City Hall and check the archives. Use the following:

  • Evidence – Ivory Baths Construction Plan
  • Subjects – Businesses
  • Registry – Legal documents
  • Districts – Old City

You’ll be given information about its location (the area is in the northern section of the Old City). Once you arrive, you can eavesdrop on people who are looking for work. Choose the following tidbits:

  • Pro-British
  • Neck scar
  • Old City marketplace

Next, go to the Old City Market at the southwestern section of this zone. You’ll find the Turkish foreman who’s looking for additional workers. He won’t talk to you unless you’ve changed your disguise (i.e., you need to have a high reputation with the miners/working-class based on your outfit). If you meet this requirement, you’ll be able to pass through the gateway that takes you to the dig site.

Meeting Arthur Swift

Do a character profile of Arthur Swift, then explore the dig site. It seems that Arthur and his group are searching for the tomb of a Roman legate. You’ll find some important clues:

  • Arthur’s tent – Several documents, a map, and some cloth dummies next to crates (remember this spot).
  • Antiques tent – In front of the site where half a dozen workers are, you’ll find another book that’s part of the Bazookaeology Trilogy.

Solving the statue puzzle

To solve the statue puzzle in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, you have to check out several crucial hints first. For instance, there are documents pertaining to the statues (i.e., “beware the one who disturbs his sleep” note). Likewise, there’s a fragment of a statue along the beach. Next, eavesdrop on a conversation among the workers. Choose the following:

  • Tilted pedestal
  • Lion helmet
  • Kicked statue
  • Closest to the beach

With these clues, it’s time to reconstruct the statue puzzle in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. Assuming you’re facing north, this is what the display should look like (you can also see this in an image below):

  • Top – Woman facing east; has a sword.
  • Right – Lion-headed figure facing south; has a sword.
  • Bottom – Woman with vines facing west.
  • Left – Man with shield facing north.

If you do it correctly, Sherlock will say that he’s discovered where the legate’s tomb is. Simply walk down the path to the beach and a cutscene will automatically trigger. Run back to Arthur’s tent and examine the objects there. You’ll find a few documents, as well as a box with chemical-laced darts.

Next, we’ll make our way to the Boat Workshop to speak to Paul Perks. If you’ve already done that, then it’s time for us to lure Goliath and conclude our investigation.

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