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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One All Hidden Coin Locations Coin Collection In For A Penny

Hidden Coin #10

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Let’s talk about Hidden Coin #10 in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One.


The clue is in central Silverton close to Iron Bridge. There’s a bar frequented by sailors, so change into a military uniform to get others to talk to you. Then, cross Iron Bridge and turn left on Grange Street to find the abandoned bar. Inside, several thugs will attack you. You can kill or arrest them. Alternatively, you could just disable the game’s combat system if you feel that it’s clunky and unnecessary.

And that does it. You’ve found all Hidden Coins to complete the In For A Penny/Coin Collection sidequest in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. Congratulations! Give yourself a jacket!

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is available via Steam.

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