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Hidden Coin #2

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Let’s talk about Hidden Coin #2 in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One.


The clue is on a piece of wooden furniture behind a small house in central Miner’s End. It tells you of how three groups of people — the upper-class nobles, the Wolf gang, and the fishermen — refer to the same street as the “Bloody Road.”

The idea is to use the right disguises. Make sure that your faction relations are high enough based on the outfits that you’re wearing, and talk to certain kinds of people.

  • Upper-class nobles – Any posh-looking gent or lady would do.
  • Wolf gang – Head to the rough part of town and enable Concentration with the “Q” key. You should look for ruffians here with the “Wolf tattoo” trait.
  • Fishermen – Still in the same area, try to look for peeps who “smell like fish” or “work on a boat.”

You’ll then need to head to an area between Poe Lane, Bridge Road, and Hound Road (just west of Pilgrim’s Bridge). There’s an old house here, and the coin is on the porch.

All right, let’s head to the next part of our guide to find the third clue and item.

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