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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One All Hidden Coin Locations Coin Collection In For A Penny

Hidden Coin #3

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Let’s talk about Hidden Coin #3 in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One.


The clue is in western Grand Saray. It tells you of how two groups of vandals are trying to communicate at night. Now, the clue itself is found in a gazebo and, if you follow the directions, you’ll see another gazebo at the intersection of Baskerville Street and Vernet Street.

As for the coin’s location, it’s found in the only spot that’s visible from both areas (i.e., direct line of sight). Since the vandals are communicating at night, then they can only be using gas lamps. You should discover the item that we’re looking for on the footbridge along the street.

All right, let’s head to the next part of our guide to find the fourth clue and item.

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