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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One All Hidden Coin Locations Coin Collection In For A Penny

Hidden Coin #5

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Let’s talk about Hidden Coin #5 in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One.


The clue is in southeastern Scaladio. However, once you arrive, the vase is already broken and the clue is gone. It’s been taken by a dog. Activate Concentration (“Q”) and follow the tracks to retrieve it. As for the rest of the passage, you’ll need to dress up like a middle-class Brit. Then, hold “Q” again and look for NPCs who might be British. They’ll tell you where the guesthouse is.

Between these two points (i.e., the guesthouse and the initial area with the broken vase), you’ll see a stone bridge. It’s on Redbeard Road close to the intersection with Bazaar Road. The coin is in a loose cobblestone.

All right, let’s head to the next part of our guide to find the sixth clue and item.

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