April 6th, 2017

Shooter MMO CrimeCraft Goes Live

The persistent world next-gen shooter (PWNS), CrimeCraft, opened its virtual doors to the public yesterday.

CrimeCraft, a next-gen shooter MMO, blends a shooter experience with RPG elements and is set in the near future following an ecological disaster. Players must put together gangs to kill the competition and survive on the streets.

Players in NA and Canada can purchase CrimeCraft from Best Buy and Future Shop, or download the title from Steam, Direct2Drive or directly from CrimeCraft.com.

“The streets of CrimeCraft are ready to be filled with players anxious to leave their mark and earn leader board glory for themselves and their gangs. We are pleased to work with Best Buy as our exclusive retail partner to develop a one of a kind program for their customers.” said Daniel Prousline, vice president of development at Vogster.