Signalis Falke's Music Box Puzzle Cassette Tape Island Painting Hummingbird Key Guide

There are a bunch of things that you need to do in Signalis‘ Protektors zone. This includes gathering a couple of items so you can record music (yep). Here’s our Signalis guide to help you with the Falke’s Music Box, Island Painting, and Broken Cassette Tape puzzles. All of these are interconnected just so you can acquire the Hummingbird Key.

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Signalis: Falke’s Music Box puzzle, Island Painting, and Hummingbird Key guide

Paternoster Lift and Flashlight Module

Solving the Falke’s Music Box puzzle in Signalis can be quite a doozy. The puzzle itself isn’t particularly challenging, but you do need to search for several MacGuffins lying around. But, before we get to those, I suggest activating the Paternoster Lift and acquiring the Flashlight Module. The former allows you to go back and forth the southern sections of B6, B7, and B8. The latter, meanwhile, lets you explore dark rooms to grab items.

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B8: Shutter Gate Handle and Falke’s Room

Now that you have access to B8, enter the door immediately to the left of the Paternoster Lift. You’ll find the Shutter Gate Handle here.

This room and the one next to it has a bunch of enemies. The chamber beyond is where you’ll find the replicant Falke sleeping on her bed (seen in the featured image). She’s clutching a music box, which is what we’ll need to open later.

B7: Island Key and Hunter Key

Next, make your way to B7 and enter the room to your left, and the one beyond that. This is where you’ll obtain the Island Key and Hunter Key.

B7: Piano Room and Owl Key

From there, go east until you reach the other hallway. Use the Shutter Gate Handle to open the Piano Room. This has a save point and a storage box, as well as the Owl Key.

B7: Island Painting puzzle and Workshop Key

Head north and enter the Management Office. Inside, a bunch of creatures will “hack” Elster, slowly corrupting your vision. Pay attention to the radio frequency that’s flashing on your screen. When you see one, open your menu and tune the radio to that frequency. Two more will pop up, so tune your radio to those as well. This will kill the creatures.

With the area cleared, you’ll be able to unlock the Island Painting in Signalis using the Island Key that you found earlier. What’s inside? Well, it’s the Workshop Key… ugh.

B6: Obtaining the Revolver

Now, go to the eastern section of B6 to check the Repair Bay and Shooting Range. In the Shooting Range, you’ll find the Adhesive Tape and Gun Case.

Combine the Gun Case and Hunter Key and you’ll get the Revolver. Hurray!

B6: Maintenance Office and Broken Music Cassette

You can unlock the Maintenance Office In the northern part of this floor by using the Owl Key. There’s a recording device that’s damaged due to a knife, but you can pick up the Broken Music Cassette.

Combine the Adhesive Tape and the Broken Music Cassette to repair it.

B6: Workshop

All right, time to head to the Workshop. You’ll spot a stereo system there, with a slot for the cassette. Place it inside and check the frequency.

Tune your radio to that frequency (i.e., 142.000) to hear music playing.

B8: Falke’s Music Box

With all of the above done, you’ll want to return to Falke’s Room in B8. To solve the Falke’s Music Box puzzle in Signalis, interact with the object and make sure that the radio is activated and tuned to the aforementioned frequency. As the music is playing, the container will rotate, revealing the Hummingbird Key.

You thought the whole thing’s finished? Nope. Now, you’ll have to solve the Library and Astrolabe Shrine Box puzzle.

Signalis Falke's Music Box Puzzle Cassette Tape Island Painting Hummingbird Key Guide 3c

Signalis is available via Steam.

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Signalis: Flashlight Module and dark rooms guide

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