The Sims 4 appears to be moving out of the suburbs to somewhere a bit more metropolitan on 1 November, when the City Living expansion gets a release. It’ll add a new location to The Sims 4: the coastal city of San Myshuno.

According to the promotional blurb, San Myshuno is going to be “packed with things to do and new people to see”. Specifically, it mentions visiting the Spice District (which sounds very Dune), meeting at the Karaoke Bar, and attending themed festivals like Romance Fest and GeekCon. In total, there are five different festivals in City Living.

It’ll also add apartment living to The Sims 4. Apartments bring limitations (you can’t just remodel the whole place, or your landlord will go nuts), but if your Sim is successful enough they may wind up in a Penthouse. The link above promises more information “in the near future”. For now, here’s a City Living trailer.

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