Singularity 6 reveals friendly MMO community sim Palia as first game

Palia Announced By Singularity 6

Singularity 6 is a new game developer made up of industry veterans from some of the most well-known names in the business. The team can boast former employers such as Blizzard Entertainment, Epic Games, Riot Games, and Sony. So, you’ll be forgiven for getting hot under the collar for Singularity 6’s first game, Palia, an immersive MMO community simulation game.

Palia is set in a fantasy world that is picturesque and inviting. You’ll be able to build a home and a life in the lush green meadows nestled between mountain ranges. Palia will have an evolving narrative that you will be able to experience with other players, as you would expect from an MMO. And, as you explore the world, you will meet and interact with a compelling cast of characters.


Singularity 6’s mission is to create more meaningful online experiences with immersive online worlds that make players feel like they truly belong. A social home builder that has you exploring a new world with friends and friends-to-be sounds spot on when it comes to delivering on that mission.

Palia gameplay features

One of the features Singularity 6 noted in the announcement for Palia is that it offers deep customization systems. Starting with the character creation where you will be able to choose from a diverse range of face and skin tones and hairstyles that can go on any character. Character fashion is incredibly flexible. You can mix and match different clothing items and customize colors and patterns.

Who this character you’re creating? You play as a human, which doesn’t sound particularly special. However, in Palia, the human race disappeared thousands of years ago. The race was at its highest point, having mastered magic. So, what caused the disappearance is a mystery.

As you can see from the trailer above, there’s an impressive amount of customization you will be able to do to your new home too. Once, you’ve built it that is. It looks like you’ll need to harvest wood, mine ore, and plant a garden to feed yourself. Once you’ve got some solid walls up, you’ll be able to furnish it with everything from couches and beds to ornamental lutes.

The story of Palia

The game begins with your character waking up in a quiet village on Palia’s southern coast. Together with the rest of the online community, you will forge a new destiny and build a new home for humanity. As you play, you will uncover the secrets of humanity’s past. Singularity 6 says this story will take years to play out. So, buckle in for a long, and probably very pleasant, ride.

Palia Mmo Community Simulator

No MMO is complete without the relaxing pastime of fishing.

Palia also features a Neighborhood system that allows you to create a community of your own within the broader community. There’s also a social matchmaking system that ensures friends and neighbors are always nearby for a mission or chat. You know, social stuff.

If you would like to learn more about Palia or register for the Pre-Alpha coming later this summer, you can visit the game’s website.

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