Valve have stated that the next class update coming to Team Fortress 2 will be for the Sniper.Normally, these updates add a few unlockable weapons and items to a class, as well as achievements and some bonus maps. On the Team Fortress 2 blog, however, Valve have stated that the Sniper pack is “actually shaping up to be the largest TF2 update yet, with multiple new maps and a bunch of gameplay tweaks.”Better still, there’s another update that’ll go live prior to the Sniper one – “and that one will contain some new content for all classes,” going by the blog.360 players aren’t being left out in the cold, either. The Xbox 360 update “is still being worked on.” The reason behind the update taking so long, apparently, is that TF2 pushed the 360 very close to its memory limit, and the additional content pushes the game far past that. While they’re working around it – and, apparently, they’re doing quite well – there will be an update to address server cheating.The most recent update to Team Fortress 2 was the Scout update.

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