Spirittea: How to find the temple bell spirit

Spirittea How To Find The Temple Bell Spirit
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When the bell stops ringing in Spirittea, something spiritual is definitely afoot, – but how do you find it? Here’s how to find the temple bell spirit in Spirittea.

Silent temple bell spirit puzzle guide

A notice posted on the town board informs us the temple’s bell no longer rings at 5 am and 8 pm respectively, as it’s no longer able to produce noise, and instead, a rooster has been doing the deed. Wonyan quickly deduces it’s the work of a spirit, and will continue to tell you this until you address it.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the timestamps given here matter, and you have to catch the spirit around these specific times of the day to stop the bell from ringing. After all, most other spirits tend to work that way. However, it’s actually a lot simpler of a puzzle than that.

Before anything else, you need to talk to Young and get his account of the bell. After that, if you’ve not been to the temple yet, it’s at the bottom edge of the map. The easiest way in is through two little bridges at the edge of the tea fields on the right.

You’ll find the bell within. It might look like nothing is wrong… but look closely between spirit vision and normal vision and you’ll realize there’s actually a spirit underneath the bell. You have to press E and interact with the bell in spirit vision to trigger the sequence. Congratulations on finding the temple bell spirit.

Bell Spirit Spirittea
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This is the spirit Kurkapi, a large chicken-like spirit trying to nest in the bell. You have the option to allow Kurkapi to stay at the bathhouse or your house. Regardless of your choice, they’ll only show up in the boiler room of the bathhouse while it’s open. That’s all for how to find the temple bell spirit of Spirittea.

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