June 20th, 2017

Star Citizen 2.6.1 and social platform Spectrum launch

Star Citizen 2.6.1 and social platform Spectrum launch

The Star Citizen 2.6.1 patch has now left the PTU test servers and is now live for everyone.

After a spell in testing, the 2.6.1 patch adds leaderboards for Star Marine and Arena Commander, ship updates, multi-region servers which arrived earlier than planned, and the usual round of fixes for various aspects of the game. The full patch notes are now available.

In other news, CIG has now fully launched their social hub called Spectrum which is a chat and social platform. Think of Spectrum as a messaging, IRC or Discord-like system with various live chat channels and forums merged into one system. Spectrum also sets up an easy way to access Organisation communication. Currently, there’s no voice chat implemented but that is apparently coming at some point.

Also, a quick reminder that there’s a Free Fly event running until the Sunday (tomorrow) if you want to find out how the game plays. This is the Valentine’s Day event which focuses on Multi-Crew ships.

Again, we advise anyone who has not backed Star Citizen to hold off jumping in with cash until more of the game is complete. A game with all the planned features might appear within the next decade.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • AStormApproaches

      Star Citizen is bad.

      • sniper23


      • waswat


    • vander

      Spectrum is a great addition for Star Citizen. It is good to see it finally attention in gaming sites – it has been usable for a some time already. I hope other games would get similar functionality at some point.

    • Michael Roth

      Star Citizen is the newest brightest Space exploration game we will see for at least a decade to come. If you want in bonus game currency or UEC, enter STAR-3FMD-2J37 into the recruitment code field when signing up. I wish I would have, so I am letting everyone else know. If you tell your friends after signing up you can give them your own recruitment code. Warning : you need a good computer to play this game, so be warned and read specs before being disappointed and feeling you have to spread hate for the game.

    • Joe_Blober

      As an early backer from 2013, the team grow up from 12 to 370 end of 2016. Because of massive pledges amount, scope of game as changed to AAA tit, approved by backers who did increase pledges even more.

      So the company is not late. Major patch are coming in 2017. SQ42 (solo) is resaonnably expected mid-2018 or before and Star Citizen (MMO) will be an ongoing process like all MMO.
      Free week-end are available from time to time so new comers can have a taste of current Alpha and help iron out/test modules availables (sghips fight, FPS, Persistent Universe).

      Currently more than 500.000 backers have joined.

      • vander

        They have lots of stuff in their dev branches and it will great to have some of them merged in Alpha 3.0. Hopefully we would get delta patcher soon as well. It would help to do features patches a lot.

        Meanwhile SC Alpha 2.6.1, ED and hopefully a new game named Hellion do just fine.