Star Citizen Gamescom 2017 Event Report

Star Citizen Gamescom 2017 Event Report

The moment all Star Citizen backers have been waiting for, including myself; this year’s Gamescom presentation. In years past these have been hit and miss, from the giant sandworms at last year’s event to Chris Roberts’ inability to fly his own ships. In good old CIG fashion this year’s stream was once again delayed, starting an hour late. Where the hell was the long-suffering Jared when they needed him most?

After some awkward filling, the playing of incorrect ship trailers, and terrible jokes, it was time for the main event. The pre-show team were relieved of duty and a trailer for the 600i ship was shown, followed by some more footage of Daymar and planetary based scenes.

CIG’s Sandi Gardner started the show once again with the usual salutations to the avid German fans who have completely bought into the Star Citizen experience. Sandi then introduced Chris Roberts to the stage.

Star Citizen chris roberts

With Star Citizen 3.0 having been delayed time and time again, and a cut-down version of 3.0 being shown on the Gamescom show floor, we expected Chris Roberts to show a more fully-fledged version of 3.0 with more stuff turned on. Of course, that doesn’t mean 3.0 is any closer to completion. Like previous years, this was intended to be a carefully choreographed display of what should be coming to backers.

This year Chris jumped straight into a demo showing 3.0, as well as some additional features that will get added at some point in the future. He mentioned that there may be bugs in this demo. This is what is known in narrative circles as ‘foreshadowing’.

In 3.0 there are three moons: Daymar, Yela and Celin. According to Chris, 3.0 now has proper persistence so when players return to the game after leaving it, the ship will be in the same state you left it. In 3.0 all characters will utilise a modular clothing system, so any combination of clothes can be applied including armour types. The Mobiglass feature, which was disabled on the show floor demo, was then demonstrated. It’s a holo-UI display thing that tracks personal data, atmospheric data, missions and more.

star citizen

In Star Citizen 3.0 there are said to be around 26 different mission archetypes and a “large amount of procedural missions”. In the future, players will be able to make mission offers to other players via the offers tab on the Mobiglass. The Mobiglass is basically the main interface to the game outside of ships.

The mouse wheel can be used to control movement speed, and a hint system has also been added in 3.0 for new players. Moving around Levski, the main difference between this year and last was the presence of AI populating the area. 3.0 features basic AI and Roberts says it’s “just the beginning”. This year all the shops in Levski are now populated, and in 3.1 ships will be available to purchase too.

Miles Eckhart was the NPC we saw last year and this year he’s back to dish out another demo mission. Eckhart sent the mission detail to the player’s Mobiglass; a trip to retrieve a black box.

Next, something which is not going to be in 3.0. ‘Face Over IP’ will mimic the mouth movements of players as they talk into the mic and show the same movements on the character’s face. Player’s voices will sound more distant the further away they are from another player, and it’s also directional. CIG has been working with a company called Faceware to add their SDK into the game to make this possible. The crowd lapped this up with cheers and Chris moved on to demonstrate how this works. It will work with a standard webcam. Not only that, the camera will track head movements which will be translated onto the character in the game.

Star Citizen
Facial expression and head movement tracking

This section was a little weird because it was partially scripted and ad-libbed by the guys doing the demonstration. The script writers should be fired.

It was then time to seek out the third player, John (a pilot for this black box mission), and pick up some ship items. Heading upwards in the station an Ursa rover was summoned and suits were applied to the characters via the Mobiglass. Once the suit was on, the voices changed tone as it was all being filtered over comms inside from the helmets on the characters.

Entering the Rover you get a good look outside of the station and it was also time to demonstrate what would happen if a player removed his helmet on the Mobiglass readout. The Mobiglass was then used to call another player, who appears in video form in the Comms section of the Mobiglass, which was a nice immersive touch. The Rover then meet up with John in his Constellation ship as it landed on the surface. John lowered the cargo for the Rover to enter the ship.

Star Citizen Skyrim
Craters as big as Skyrim only there’s nothing in them.

With the three players now aboard, they took their positions in the cockpit and flew away from the asteroid surface showing how much Delamar has improved from last year’s demo. According to Roberts, one of the craters on the surface of the asteroid could fit the entirety of Skyrim inside it (no comment on whether it would fit all of Skyrim’s functioning gameplay mechanics). Delamar is one of the smaller planetoids in the game. It doesn’t really matter how big it is if there’s nothing in it though.


Crash alert! The game suddenly crashed and the pilot was disconnected from the game. Whoops. Another player then had to step in and take the controls of the ship and try and recover the demo. Roberts came up with a few suggestions to try and salvage the demo eventually suggesting they should “roll it from the start” and messaging down the mic “do not show the loading screen”. Roberts paced up and down the stage mumbling into his headset. Oh dear. We have to do it all over again, but thankfully without all the terrible dialogue between players.

Star Citizen
Chris Roberts mumbles instructions down the mic.


This took some time with Roberts issuing orders such as “Paul, please get off the loading screen” as he continued to pace the stage, covering his mic. Sadly it wasn’t a hot mic because Jared or another minion was probably getting told to get shit together.

Minutes pass…

The stream cuts out to a ship trailer to save any further embarrassment should anyone be tuning in late.

More minutes pass…

Finally, we are back! The demo team now rush through the demo as fast as possible dispensing with some of the chit-chat to get back to where they were.

OK, back to the ship. To try to avoid another crash the two players did not take to the co-pilot seats in the cockpit this time. This was obviously a factor in the last crash for some reason. This time the jump worked. The demo could continue.

The crew and ship moved slowly toward the planet, and this was when we could actually see some planetary landing action. The ship broke the atmosphere right above where the mission wreckage would be, which of course was no coincidence.

Star Citizen

Once on the surface, the Ursa Rover was deployed from the ship and it moved out toward the wreckage to find the black box. Equipping weapons, the two crew moved through the wreckage of the ship. Ta-da! A big red box is found in the middle of a corridor which was picked up and carried by one of the players. But wait! Surely something was going to happen? Aha! An ambush as first the Ursa rover comes under fire, and then John’s ship. John is now toast. He’s gone! Noooo. RIP John.

Meanwhile, the guys in the rover are driving away as fast as possible with the back door open while one of them tries to shoot down the pursuing ship. Yes! With a couple of very suspicious looking shots from a much-discussed Rail Gun the ship down. While all this is going on Chris Roberts continues to drop hints that perhaps they should call for some help. Help is now on the way as an aerial battle above the surface continues. Help arrives, the enemy is down, and all is well again in the universe. The mission is saved and their ride has arrived. It’s the first capital ship that’s working in the game; the Idris.

No wait! Disaster! For some reason they can’t pilot the rover on to the ramp of the Idris. After three attempts it literally falls apart at the foot of the ramp. Oh dear.

Star Citizen
CIG has yet to master ramp technology.

We also just noticed that they have left Melissa behind because she must have died in that unscripted rover accident. What bastards.

Where is the black box? Did the mission properly end? We have no idea, but the demo was a bit of a mess.

Roberts returns to the stage to try and explain why some things are broken. But getting a rover up a ramp is not exactly “pushing it” as Roberts implies.

3.0 Details and Facial stuff

The 3.0 update comes with a new launcher with UI improvements; now downloading will be faster for everyone. They are still working on the Spectrum stuff which Roberts says is the backbone for face and voice data.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen

Star Citizen

A Faceware video was then shown, explaining the tech behind the facial animation features. This also means CIG can sell their own webcam that, apparently, is super at capturing facial expression in low-light environments and at high framerates. What a happy coincidence. Another way for backers to burn their money ahead of release.

Star Citizen camera

There’s no doubt it’s quite impressive technology but is it really that important? We have seen Star Trek Bridge Crew use a similar idea for mic and lip syncing which does not require a fancy camera.

Back to the demo

Roberts moved back to the Star Citizen demo on board the large Idris capital ship. Oh look! Melissa is alive somehow. Resurrection tech confirmed.

The captain sets a course for Yela and Grim Hex. It looks like the mission is still on despite the rover crash, Melissa dying, and the black box which mysteriously vanished. Apparently, the black box was stolen by the captain of another enemy ship. Nothing makes much sense any more, but it’s time for some space combat so who cares?

The gun turrets are manned and a low FPS battle ensues between the two ships. It’s a jerky experience at times and not that enthralling to watch from the outside of the ship. The ship landing inside the Idris looked good though, and was probably quite difficult to do.

Star Citizen

Wait! There’s more

The same battle was then going be replayed, but this time any side could win (“no Stormtrooper shooting,” says Roberts). While we waited for the hamsters to replenish themselves inside the demo PCs, Roberts said that they have only had capital ships fighting each other for about a week. Roberts was asked how long it would be until players could do this. Roberts did not respond.

The end

To conclude, this was another rehearsed and choreographed Star Citizen game demo that at times looked impressive and at other times looked an absolute mess. With 3.0 supposedly just around the corner, there’s obviously still work to be done on much of what was shown. Roberts has been very careful not to say when features that were shown on this demo would appear. Even in this demo, the game looked juddery and framerates must have been dropping below 10 FPS at times. This is a shame because it can look great when it actually works. Yes, it’s still in ‘alpha’, but let’s not forget that we are now five years into this project.

The facial tracking is an interesting addition, but is it really that important considering how much foundational work remains to be done? Still, it’s a good way for CIG to rake in extra money on selling webcams and, presumably, pick up some investment from Faceware.

The bottom line is this: the die-hard Star Citizen fans are going to lap up this Gamescom demo, but the more skeptical will have hoped to see something a lot more polished.

If you missed the stream you can watch it below. Because the game crashed there was a long period of nothing and a re-run of the same content. To save time, we have edited out the rerun which featured no new content or commentary. This should save you around 20 minutes or more viewing time. If you want to watch the full thing, re-run, crash stuff etc, watch the second video.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Tufao

      Yep. It’s a consumer scam. No serious intent to deliver into their promises. Ever.

      • Joe_Blober

        And Tufao get a life 🙂

        3.0 depsite being not terribly polished as Paul’s said is clearly a proof CIG is delivering superb quality. Levsky station and asteroid, the all demo experienc (beside server crash) is a slap in scam/vaporware/con trolls 🙂

        • I_U

          Yes, if you wanted a pretty station and asteroid to play-act on with a handful of other people, it’s a great demo. But if you were thinking that Star Citizen was going to be a multiplayer game with missions to do, exciting things to interact with, and lots of other activities to keep you engaged…well, the demo didn’t show any of that, because for some reason they don’t have any of that yet.

          The horse is still at the starting line in 2017, while the cart has glitched out and flung itself over a mountain a hundred miles away in front of it. Details like polished graphics, face-cam, diagetic voip, and a wristwatch PDA are in; fundamentals like netcode that can support more than 12 players without falling over dead and computer-controlled opponents to fight are still nowhere to be seen. Anyone who’s wondering whether they should buy Star Citizen now should consider that, and then put their wallet firmly back where it was, because it’s going to be *years* before this turns into a game. If it ever does.

          • Joe_Blober

            Pretty good summary… except on the last part. This is a crowdfunded game. All the $ to pay the team are coming from backers. Those understanding Crowdfunding, which is pledging $ (in that case around 45$) to make this game possible, can pledge a reasonnable starter package. Those not understanding or who prefer to wait for more gameplay… wait. No problem.

            No pledges = no game. Pretty simple and straight forward.

            • Hans Torm

              Dude. Its been years since Roberts declared they had raised enough money to finish the game as pitched. So they should be able to deliver. They would just have to stop expanding the scope.

              Hell that might even be a good thing if they stopped getting money. Then they would have to wrap up production and close of the eternal feature creap.

              • Joe_Blober

                I see what you mean but the scope have been expanded with backers approval. And not to add a forest and two vehicules but the whole damned game scope.

                What we see with Facewatch is very little time investment from CIG (all the tech is made by FaceWatch since the past 7 years). That add something fun or useless for some with face expressions… but more important a free TrackIR feature if you have a capable webcam (no need to buy the FaceWatch optimised webcam).

                Beside the server crash and Ursa being crush by Idris… I have beeg stuned by the progress done on Levsky station and asteroid, the lighting is gorgeous, the vista from Levsky to space, fight from air to ground, ships taking off and landing to Idris, VFX…

                Yes it is not Yet finished but they do have now uptodate engine and pipelines, a +428 talented team, 3.0 in few weeks and jobs starting to come with 3.1…. not listing the 41 screen pages of 3.0 features.

                Big profit, not $ for development, are coming -after- release. Trust me CR and Co do want to release asap, switch to Micro-transaction (6.5 times more profitable than subscription) and start to make serious profit 🙂

              • Tufao

                “I see what you mean but the scope have been expanded with backers
                approval. And not to add a forest and two vehicules but the whole
                damned game scope.”

                That’s a lie. The stretch goals were approved BECAUSE that would bring the core of the game faster according with Roberts. The concerns were even raised in that time, between 19/20 million dollars and he made sure to address that in one of his letters, convincing people that the core fo the game would come faster.

                Nobody approved expansion to explore all planets before release. Nobody approved any other research/try and “this is cool, let’s do this” in any poll… ever.

              • Joe_Blober

                Quote Tufao:”his is just CIG building excuses to never deliver”

                Yea and the upcoming 3.0 is vaporware, the 3 modules, 2.3 and 2.6 are just an illusion…. 🙂

                Keep going man. Even when SC will switch to Beta end of 2018 you will pretend they have delivered nothing 🙂

            • Tufao

              This is not what crowdfunding means. This is how scammers take advantage of crowdfunding to disrespect consumer laws that apply. That’s why they have to give refunds to people as soon as they ask.

              But who cares. As long as they are been paid, that money is their profit and they became richer. To pay back the refunds, they just get the new money that the whales persist to give them.
              Helps them and helps money laundering possibly going on too.
              And of course.

              All the feature creep is praised by the ebay sellers of LTI ships, who buy and sell for fools for profit. Probably most of these online “die-hard” fans that want to build excuses for things that can’t be excused and are clearly not for the benefit of the consumers/gamers are this type of guy.

              • Joe_Blober

                Quote Tufao:”This is not what crowdfunding means”

                Add your own definition to wikipedia man 🙂

            • p3g4susuout

              Pretty good summary???? are you mad???? “But if you were thinking that Star Citizen was going to be a multiplayer game with missions to do, exciting things to interact with, and lots of other activities to keep you engaged…well, the demo didn’t show any of that, because for some reason they don’t have any of that yet.”… what a load of crap. I could have sworn that in the demo there were AT LEAST 12 people playing on the same server, IE MULTIPLAYER, 6 on each Idris, 2 in the shops and in the rover, 2 in a pair of Gladius’s from the Idris and 2 that attacked the rover and the Connie. I am almost positive that they got a MISSION from Miles Ekhart at Levski, I’m sure your right though nothing interesting to interact with, I will never walk all round the Idris to see what an amazing ship and technological achievement it is, plus all the other non-interesting ships…. wow…”fundamentals like netcode that can support more than 12 players without falling over dead and computer-controlled opponents to fight are still nowhere to be seen” really I was sure that we can have at least 24 people per instance area and if I aren’t sick of getting blasted by the pirate ships which at the moment are piloted by COMPUTER-CONTROLLED OPPONENTS….. Pretty good summary? yeah, noooooo. Total rubbish summary.

              • Joe_Blober

                Quote:”because for some reason they don’t have any of that yet”

                Correct… yet because game in development. Demo was an unpolished version of 3.0 with part of 3.1 (facial expressions). They are no such Sync trouble with current buil 2.6.1. Beside the crash server, we can clearly see where we are going with 3.0. which is the biggest patch to be released so far. hence more bugs. The count come from 96 to 75 this week. We are not at years of release and October is very achievable.

        • Tufao

          Joe_Blober talking about “getting a life” LoL
          Of course Joe. It’s totally proof. Certainly we all will be playing that very smoothly just with those little bugs, soon on LAN with an uber-machine and server in our room. We are not playing that just because they are polishing these little bugs.
          You know… playing on this sort of config, this “pretty empty” moon… just as the CIG streamer said at the Gamescoon booth today… live… and recorded.

          Not a scam when you just run a game advertised that is supposed to run in 8gb, with 32 gb, and so on… right?

          • Joe_Blober

            Quote: “nothing near of what was promised will be out on this decade”

            Add a bit of more drame please… century would be more scaring 🙂

    • Mooki

      This game is starting to become more amazing every day. It is going to be very impressive.

      • Tufao

        Yes. It’s an impressive parody of actual serious and focused game development. It’s cool how they pretend to be something legit, when the real focus is just to keep a shameful sort of “reality” show (just fake as any reality show that we see on television).
        The funny part is that even the employees are deceived and lead to think that are doing something to be released as soon as possible.
        That’s why next monday, after many of them watched the real status of what they have and did with their assets and stuff produced, will just quit.

        • Mooki

          “Yes. It’s an impressive parody”

          Well your posts certainly are. Once we read 1 post of yours we read em all.

        • Avris

          You’ve never actually seen “actual” game development, have you? There’s little difference from SC’s, it’s just that the progress of high-profile games is rarely publicised, much less actively shared.. Not to mention the pressure from investors and parent companies to finish a game by a certain deadline regardless of how ready it is, which is exactly what happened with Roberts’ Freelancer when Microsoft took over.

          • Tufao

            I was actually a game dev. I see actual game development just like SC have been doing his own many times… of games that got cancelled or failed.
            What happened with Freelancer is that AFTER Microsoft took over, it took another three years to be released. And IF Microsoft did not take over, Digital Anvil would bankruptcy.
            While the game was fine, was because the hype and false advertising made by Roberts earlier, raising the expectations for that game, was that caused the end of any level of trust of any investor in this genre. That project killed the genre for a decade. Even David Braben, one with much better reputation between peers and public today, mentioned that.

            And Roberts is just doing worst right now. Wasn’t by Frontier ED’s doing fine as a game that delivers an is much more fair with consumers and passionate players, the genre would be dead already.
            But Roberts is doing a lot of effort to kill it again. And its fanatic whales too. Many projects that were more viable and with better devs actually didn’t get enough support because “SC already will have this feature”. Except that it won’t. It’s just a dream full of feature creep. A projecdt that is already dead and its leaders are just making sure to take longer to tell to the public this bad news. Their design never will work as a MMO, the reason for the most of its pledges. It’s dead. End of story.

            • Donald Trump’s Trumpet

              key words…..’ was actually a game dev’……….maybe there is a reason you are no longer a dev, cause you got fired for being incompetent.

              • Tufao

                I was actually very competent. Never fired. Just got a better paycheck in other industry. You should know that the game industry is not really the one who holds the most competent people in software development, I hope?
                The reason is simple. Too much effort for too few money. Of course, there are several competent people, in the GI, but, SD have more because money and life quality.

              • p3g4susuout

                “and the games which faced just part of the issues of this project ended cancelled or failed, and their teams fired/dismissed.” Yeah because they were done by a publisher…. We won’t have that problem because we gave CR enough money so he didn’t have to go with one….. “Nobody officially approved expansion to explore all planets before release”…. right you are, due to the fact that we weren’t going to get the planets to play with, just landing zones at the major population areas of a planet, then he surprised us all by going” here’s proc planets” and we were like ” f**k me, this early? we weren’t expecting that for 3 or 4 years CR, awesome job F42″….. “because nobody else who pledged follow this shit-show. They just come back and see that nothing is there, and ask refund of their basic packages”, hmmm, that’s odd, can you remind me when I got my refund??? I bought into SC in 2014 and as far as I know I still have the game.

              • Yep

                Tufao, I don’t believe for a second that you are/were a software developer. Having looked through your comment history I refuse to believe anyone with a degree could be as stupid as you are!
                Something tells me you work the front desk answering phones for Frontier Developments, and you’re having a hard time seeing a game being developed that eclipses E:D by many orders or magnitude!

              • Yep

                Tufao, I don’t believe for a second that you are/were a software developer. Having looked through your comment history I refuse to believe anyone with a degree could be as stupid as you are!
                Something tells me you work the front desk answering phones for Frontier Developments, and you’re having a hard time seeing a game being developed that eclipses E:D by many orders of magnitude!

              • Mooki

                The sad truth is he was. He had and still had only a couple of flops written to his name. One of his games had been in development foor a longer time then SC which is a complete joke of course considering the stuff he says about it.

              • Yep

                Pray tell of these flops? I’ve come across many “strange” games in my time, it would be nice to laugh equally and in context.

                “Rockstar ate my hamster”, I’m looking at you!

              • Mooki
              • Mooki

                He was not “smart” enough.

                This is one of his very oldest accounts that he used mainly on PC gamer.

          • Mooki

            “Tufao” That is actually without joking dereck smart.

    • Sean Richardson

      My jimmies remain unrustled. I waited 8 years for Oleg Maddox to deliver Storm of War: Battle of Britain, which was eventually shoveled out the door as the horrible ‘Cliffs of Dover’, a shadow of what it was supposed to be. I’ll give CIG at least that long to get SC and Squadron42 stable and presentable.

      Probably longer actually, since at least I can play parts of it already to fill the time.

    • vander

      The bottom line is this: the die-hard Star Citizen fans are going to lap up this Gamescom demo, but the more skeptical will have hoped to see something a lot more polished.

      People who understand software/game development and knows the details about the game are very impressed for sure.

      The article would have been better if it would have go into the details. People who doesn’t follow the project sees just space ships like in many other games but if you explain the difference between space ships and other games you see the demo in totally new way. Same goes all the way from clothing tech etc.

      Most impressive demo I have seen to date.

      • Tinus

        In that case, I suggest you go see an eyedoctor. Scam Citizen will never be a full game. Get a refund while you still can.

        • vander

          Refund huh, definitely not. Star Citizen sets the bar now and I expect Elite Dangerous bypass it in next season. It great to see Star Citizen pushing PC gaming forward.

          • Tinus

            Scam Citizen does set the bar, that’s true. The bar for the biggest failure in crowdfunding ever! Nobody is goint to top Chris Roberts’ legacy, that’s for sure.

          • Tufao

            No. What PC Gaming needs are projects healthy who delivers and do not ask 400 dollars for a JPEG. This is certainly not what PC Gaming needs.

            • vander

              Why it matters how the project gets the money if the project is amazing?

              • Tufao

                Because it raises the pressure and create expectations that can’t be never fullfilled (and trust me, even between those who don’t buy any of these expensive JPEGs, they will feel like the company must to give a proper return)… leading devs to add more and more feature creep (one of the biggest project killers and that, actually, already killed any chance for this one, making it now, just a consumer scam) to the thing.
                As, in the case of Star Citizen, it is followed by bait-and-switch campaigns, fake demos, clear deception and false advertising, lies and obvious bait-estimates, it burns many people in a niche, for a project that was supposed to take care of this public, that is tiny (it’s not like they are doing a game for the masses or consoles, so, they couldn’t behave like they do). It burns the reputation of the company, of the genre, of the crowdfunding with many people. It leads to refunds, to lost of trust, reputation and even can lead to lawsuits. But the huge problem is the lost of trust.
                Besides, a never-ending project that is “amazing” in the minds of a few fools, actually close doors for many other viable/possible projects, because investors/publishers and even people willing to make crowdfunding won’t get enough support, because “oh, but this… Star Citizen already have this”. Except that SC have nothing. Just a show for a few fools and people interested on making money in the JPEG business.
                And, curiously, what this team actually releases, released after 6 years of development, is nothing “amazing”. I am pretty sure that who says that it is, are people that don’t play any other game… for decades. OR, are just trying to lie to the public for the sake of “we are the CIG marketing team, we the backers, spread the word”!
                For some reason these “fans” think that it’s a good idea to multiply the false advertising approach of CIG instead been more responsible and do for the company what the company decided not do for itself.

                Beyond that, anything that this team willl do can be considered as an excuse so they make the thing to take longer instead to deliver into their promises advertised. Nobody can claim that they are not just creating situations to increase the time to earn salaries (I am talking about the leaders obviously, the employees are been fooled just as the backers).

                And for those paying more attention, as long as you have to put a 400 dollars JPEG of a ship that does not exist, for a game fully funded long ago, the message is that is a money pit, a desperate company that milk its backers insanelly. A fail. A Flop. Which otherwise, for normal means that are usual to ask for consumers of games, couldn’t be sustained.

              • vander

                CIG way to fund their development seems to work much better for me compared to games funded by big publishers. So far we have not seen anything like Star Citizen coming from big publishers but at least we know CIG is working on one by using crowdfunding.
                Should we just keep waiting that EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Blizzard, etc. announce a game similar to Star Citizen instead of supporting CIG?

                I don’t see a problem if one wants to support development of Star Citizen with $40, $400 or even with $4000. If I would have extra money I could easily support them more – they are working on a game I’m very interested in and I want it to be a success.

                Crowdfunding has already proved to work no matter if Star Citizen will be a success or fail. Many software projects fails and games are not an exception so there’s always a risk which everyone should understand before supporting any crowdfunded project.

              • Tufao

                All that CIG is doing with the money is add tons of feature creep to the game. To the point that right now, nobody knows the design, the direction, the focus. It’s a mess.
                Roberts told that had enough money to deliver the game.
                So, why not to just to deliver the game, not burning many people of the niche due a long road of development and earn money from its own merits, instead been deceptive and living always of making smoke and mirrors to convince people and make them dream, again, again and again, while nothing of the game materializes and instead, it became something else.
                Today, more like a The Sims on Space than a Space Sim.
                Why not to stop to give them money to support them? Why you all have to follow a suicidal marketing plan, like parrots online, without thinking for a second in what is good for the company, the game, making them to work into the reality of this business, in the reality of how this market behaves, how the gamers behave. Why you deny all the things that exist in this industry when is convenient just to keep backers been milked and taking longer?
                Stop the crap! Stop to deny what is in front of you. FEature creep is BAD for god sake. It’s a project killer.
                And you are thinking about “more funding”? God! You are just a grey marketer I guess.

              • vander

                The project looks all but mess to me. Sure it is complex and versatile game so there will be lots of gameplay features to play with. It takes time to develop but I prefer waiting over having a game released in couple of years and get another Elite Dangerous.

              • Tufao

                It shouldn’t be “another Elite DAngerous”. But its interesting because it became exaclty like that, except that will be a lot more empty, for more years. And with meaningless “features”, where you fly for 5 minutes and spent the rest of 30 minutes of a mission chosing clothes, eating, walking LoL

              • vander

                I have never heard anyone from CIG saying “this is not for casual”. Maybe you could provide a link to that statement.

                Why do you think planets/moons will be much more empty in Star Citizen than in Elite Dangerous?

                CIG is building Star Citizen to be a living breathing universe and people who likes to play space combat simulator should probably look somewhere else or just play Arena Commander. Unfortunately there are not many new combat simulators available at the moment. Other space games like X series and Elite has already got or will have “space legs” too so it is pretty basic feature these days.

                I personally prefer a great game over how fast it is released. For example Elite Dangerous has been quite a disappointment for me personally and that’s why I have played it only some tens of hours so far. I look forward what they have for next season but unfortunately 2.4 doesn’t seem to fix any issues what I have with the game at the moment.

              • Tufao

                Do you think that SC devs can be faster than E:D on adding completed features that deliver actual value of gameplay to the players?

                So, what a hell are you talking about? SC and ED are both released and available for public consumption. Even Chris Roberts answered in the Gamestar interview that they already delivered the game and there is no “concept” of finished. You already have the GAME.
                So what a hell are you talking about? If you prefer a “great game released”, go support other game then, because Star Citizen is NOT this game. It’s a game available for the public and its crap.
                Much more disappointing than E:D, because E:D delivered a LOT more in less time, with less money and advances FASTER too.
                E:D is on-going development just as SC. The difference is that they are obviously faster on delivering features, because they have focus and will deliver what is meaningful, to get money from what they deliver, with their results, without needing to ask support based on imagination and deluding people, selling stuff related to features that won’t be in the game before 5 to 10 years later, delivering whatever shit that won’t work as a game, in tech demos, or invest a lot of backers money on things that you don’t even need to implement to know that won’t work.
                But obviously, SC will do all that, because they need to make delusional people more delusional to throw more money into their faces based on pure imagination and “positive” thoughts about features and gameplay non-exisent, and never daring to walk in the negative scenarios that would ruin their imagination, but guess what, are the REAL scenarios that happens with MMO’s.
                And when people decided to walk in such path, here comes the white-knights in their forums with the ultimate argument that “SC devs know what to do, you don’t know nothing about game development, persist and be banned”.
                And here we are. 6.5 years later. E:D way ahead on features, released in three different platforms and advancing much more than SC ever will be capable to.
                But keep theory-crafting about the game that you will play one day and supporting devs that make people delusional just like yourself. But don’t use such ridiculous and outdated arguments that are contradicted even by the CEO of the company that you support.

              • vander

                I have E:D and look forward next season. Star Citizen alpha 3.0 sets the bar for E:D to bypass – I expect them to do it with space legs and other planned features.

                So far E:D as been enormous disappointment for me. I have payed double compared to Star Citizen but I have been way less impressed to it so far. I hope E:D will get much depth in near future.

                Anyway, great times for space sim fans.

              • vander

                I support Elite Dangerous too but so far I have not played it much because it is lacking depth and it is way too much about grinding for my taste. Unfortunately 2.4 “The Return” doesn’t seem to change the game too much so I’ll wait for next season (and have to pay extra money again). Personally I don’t care how long time the development takes if the end result is an excellent game. I would have been ready to wait five extra years for Elite Dangerous to get a better game.

                I look forward what Elite Dangerous will have to offer in the future but at least for now Star Citizen way more interesting and promising project overall.

                Elite Dangeous has sold well (over 2.75M copies) so I guess FD has done good money out of it (+their shop). Hopefully that will show in Elite Dangerous in future and they are able to do something even more impressive what Star Citizen gamescom demo showed.

              • Tufao

                I respect your personal opinion and I am sure that your opinion matches with a huge minority of both backers and space sim fans or gamers in general and even peers of the industry and game press. Totally out of the reality.
                Almost like, the next thing you will say is that you believe on Santa Claus.

                I mean, there is no logic on assuming that what E:D already delivered is less impressive than what the gamescon “demo” shown, or what SC have delivered so far. Even if you don’t consider what E:D have, something that feed all your dreams, still, they are exponentially ahead on everything. Ridiculously more deep than whatever SC shown.

                I am going to say again. What happens with the perception of the SC public, fanboys like you, is that you are always adding to what they deliver, 99.5% of imagination of how that could be in the future.
                It’s the same thing if I got what E:D had and put on that, “Space legs” or any other dreamed mechanic, which still does not exist, and then, make my evaluation about what E:D actually is.

                That’s what you all do. You think that some things that SC shown is impressive, because you are imagining that, already functional with all the features that they promised, 100 systems, etc. etc. You can’t separate your level of analysis of that. Which means, brainwash.
                So you will say. “Oh E:D has no depth because has no space legs”, “SC have space legs”. No! They don’t. What SC has is a concept. A prototype. Still to be proven as working in a complete environment, that includes not whatever game, but the game-as-promised with this depth that you talk about, which is only in your mind, based on what you heard from those devs, that they dream to do, or are “researching” – they say – not in what actually exists.
                It’s the same that I bring a video from Braben where he shown concepts for ideas of adding atmosphere and planet surfaces, to be visited, etc., and say that E:D has more depth. That’s the exercise that your minds do when thinking about SC. You are all unable to separate dreams of the current reality. And that is exactly the purpose of CIG when sharing all their dreams, and demos, etc. Make you dream. Since they are uncapable and even have no real intention or plan, to deliver all those dreams, but instead, plans to make you keep dreaming.

                And you forget all this 99% vaporware that is only in the minds of fanboys, or people that do not pay enough attention, there is nothing working on what CIG shown. It’s bugged as hell, unstable and if executed on real machines in the internet, probably we would be still waiting until today to pass the loading screen.
                What was shown is empty of features, of serious in-game mechanics, of serious game loop, of basically everything that would make a game and even 80% of the promised (barebones) things that CIG told that would come out with this 3.0, one year ago. Besides running in an enviroment, and I am repeating myself now, because that should be enough to end whatever discussion, totally alien of what the game should run.
                It was interesting to read too you mentioning that (you have to pay extra money again) for future ED content. Maybe, if you had similar level of faith that you have on Star Citizen, earlier, you could have earned the right to get all future expansions for free, as it is my case and the case of ALL backers of E:D until Beta phase. I mean. That is what I call give a real benefit for those who believed on the project earlier. It’s a very different scenario for Star Citizen. Because, if you like that game, you are invited to a true torture of a long wait, disappointment of things not working as imagined at the same time that always having to receive continuous spam of expensive JPEG’s been sold, new types of things that they try to milk their backers all the time, and all the time, without delivering into their own promises and failing in all their plans presented to the public. Meanwhile, here comes Frontier, in 99% of the case, instead the 0% of SC, delivering what they say that will deliver.
                But if you have this problem to pay for future content, and have all this faith on projects, you always can buy this lifetime expansion. They always offer for a limited time, when they start to sell the preorders of a new season.
                I have one or two complaints about thaving to pay for additional single-player campaigns in the SC side too. AFter all, they will charge for that, if EVER achieving release (who I am trying to deceive here, they never will). I mean. If they offered Behind Enemy Lines for free in exchange of much less dollars they got, why not to add more future content to be delivered, that more than one time they told that “had plans and ideas” for free, in exchange of 25 times more money they got?
                Also, It’s hilarious to read that you think that what SC shown is impressive, specially because none of that scripted thing will work in a MMO environment without breaking all the imersion that they are trying to add, in a very ridiculous way. All this effort to add this level of imersion, for nothing LoL
                That’s why I trust more on Braben adding more meaningful “space legs” in the future, because they probably will do things that actually WORK in a MMO environment, instead doing things that work in a perspective of coop/single-player (barely in coop) but never will in a MMO scenario. And all that is without think about performance, maintainability, bugs, etc.
                Your opinion of “you don’t care on waiting five extra years” sounds cool. I would love to have customers just like you.

                Except that it gets old, it get stale and does not work in the market. People simply won’t be like that, EVER. On its majority. So, stop with the nonsense and start to think in the future of your project so it fits with the reality of the industry and the market. Because the reality won’t change just because there are 2000 cultists throwing their money on insane dreams and imagining features without daring to test the “negative” scenarios that involve those dreamed features, that totally invalidate of they working.
                Seriously pal. If SC stopped to add features now, had to polish everything they have now, to release that as a finished game, without bugs, etc., they still would take two years to deliver. As they add more 0.5% with the release of 3.0, expect more 2 years to fix the bugs added to the tech demo, plus, stability/performance, etc, plus, failures of design that I can think right now, but the idiots prefer to implement to then, see that doesn’t work in the environment that they are planning to put them. Meaning, 2 years for bugs and more 1 to redesign/rework and deliver again new version of those features that work.
                Then, they have more 99% of the game to deliver and as their approach don’t change, no matter how bad things they do, they don’t learn, because Roberts, it will be just like that, again and again.
                Good luck on waiting not just 5 years, but 50 years to get the game-as-promised.

              • vander

                To me seeing Starfarer flying in Star Citizen (Alpha 2.6.3) is much more impressive than any capital ship (or multiple of them) flying in Elite Dangerous. The reason is that in Star Citizen the ships has very detailed internals where players can do their things while flying – in Elite Dangerous ships are just hulls and a cockpit. Once Elite gets “space legs” and ships has internals they are going to be much more impressive compared what they are now.

                It is great you are happy what Elite Dangerous has to offer but I personally want much more than that. I hope it will give me that at some point in future but at the moment Star Citizen is much more better candidate to me.

                It is actually pretty nice that even if Alpha 3.0 has only a fraction of planned features done it will be already such a big game. It just indicated how enormous project CIG is working on.

                I don’t mind that making Star Citizen takes time. I don’t mind CDPR uses time to make Cyberpunk 2077. Big games takes long time to get finished.

              • Tufao

                Cyberpunk 2077 is not out there doing false advertising and did for years in exchange of real dollars. They didn’t sell to the whole public, then, decided to focus on whales, making their lives more comfortable without need of ever release the game.
                So, you like SC ships because players can do their things. What things? There is no mechanic in there, except for walking around with terrible bugs and nothing to do, nothing meaningful to do.
                Ah! You are adding to that, your imagination. The future!
                I see.

                Nothing on Star Citizen can be impressive UNLESS they release all that in a meaningful and stable game-as-promised. Nothing on RSI words and updates can be taken seriously, unless they had stopped to milk backers with JPEGs in the way that they do, because is impossible to believe on them, 1-) because they were caught lying many times, 2-) because they already demonstrated lack of capacity of deliver their promises, 3-) because you don’t need to go beyond the basics of design, without implementation, to see that in the big picture that won’t work, and is created/produced JUST for the purpose to make it “impressive”, BUT, just in the perspective of a complete game, because by itself, it’s not, at all. And they use their marketing machine and shows and demos and talking, to fill the gaps, and make people have the perspective that they want, to “believe”.
                Meanwhile they keep selling JPEG’s that won’t be in the game for many years, going back to their words and keeping a show for longer, for what is a total flop that should be cancelled by now, or, suffered of a massive change in their leadership roles to put the project on track to feed the promises that they did, instead, making everyone to swallow “impressive” demos that never will work as a complete game, OR, will be sold just as-is today, separated modules, that again, are not impressive at all if you consider that nothing working and meaningful will be added to the cake.
                And yeah! 6.5 years later, the currently vaporware Alpha 3.0 has only a fraction of planned features done! With all they said earlier and with all the money they made, that is exactly the problem. Specially, because what they demonstrated, even in an unrealistic scenario was garbage.
                If Elite Dangerous gets “space legs” they probably will do something that works. Not something to sell JPEGs, to be “impressive” and meaningless” and boring as hell… useless,, transforming a Space Sim game into a The Sims game, where 90% of a mission you spend exchanging clothes and 10% dogfitghting/flying ship.
                SC have no future. They only thing that they can do at this point is to milk dreamers like you, easily manipulated and deluded by demos to take more of your dollars.We have already seen that they are not getting enough money as they should to sustain the ACTUAL development of something ACTUALLY releasable that can be considered at least 5% of the game-as-promised. That won’t happen in less than 5 years (still with many bugs). But, of course, they can keep the show for a few more years. But it’s already start to fall apart.
                I guess they will stop the production at this point to put an entire focus to deliver another smoke and mirrors demo for Squadron 42 for Citizencon. They are already trying to find many new ways to milk the same backers, without appearing desperate (sellign ship names, making a sale to Australia claiming about a law that actually will be in place just in the next year LoL). A great demo maybe can, at least, avoid more whales refund, because yeah, they are happening and a lot, after Gamescon 2017.
                But I am not sure that people will buy so easily as fanboys and grey market online propagandists after all these years of smoke and mirrors and “impressive” crap released, exponentially delayed, cut in more than half to what was hyped in the past in terms of its features.
                As any marketing scam, it can work for a while, but not forever.

              • vander

                It is true that CDPR didn’t need to use crowdfunding but development of Cyberpunk 2077 has still took years already. I’m looking forward to have enormous game and I’m fine they use time that is necessary.

                Walking around the ship for many things already; board to other ships (attack/defend), transport other players, attack space stations with a group, etc. If Alpha 3.0 will have all the new features they have shown then it is a big step forward again.

                It is a bit unfortunate you feel so offended that people are supporting Star Citizen. I think you should realize that lots of backers feels like there no other way to get a game like Star Citizen other than support the project. I’m sure if Elite Dangerous would show signs to have same depth and feature set people would jump to support it immediately but so far that has not happened.

                Would like CIG to work on behind the closed doors and not show backers anything they are working on but just release the game when it is “finished” (online games doesn’t get finished as for example Elite has shown).

                Crowdfunding has its risks but as we have already seen it has worked and therefore we have got many great games we wouldn’t have got otherwise.

        • Joe_Blober

          Yea people have strated to refund their hard earned money TO CIG with close to 800K$ in a day…. not counting about all that keep SC in their future purchase as soon 3.0, female character is coming in months not years… 🙂 50$ for such an amazing game breaking all old standard… it is a steal…. and now with a free TrackIR tech as long as you have a webcam.

          • Tinus

            Oh dear God. You actually believ that funding tracker to be true? Please, spend more money on pictures of nicley drawn spaceships for a game that still doesn’t excist. You deserve it!

          • Tufao

            800K$ in a day… with 400$ new ship been sold. That is like 2000 whales. You also can consider that many between these are buying them to sell on Ebay (grey market).
            Oh yeah! When you give a second thought to these “numbers” that RSI shares, you realize the big fail that it is.

            • Joe_Blober

              Quote Tufao: “That is like 2000 whales”

              Sure. 157M$ / 2000 backers = 78.500$ per backer…

              Go find a job in Finance Tufao 🙂

              • Tufao

                You should divide 800k/400. Your division made no sense with what I described. Thanks to show us how dumb you are.

              • Joe_Blober

                … but…. but Tufao you say regularly than there are only 2000 Whales to support SC… the +600.000 backers doe not exist. Hence you have to make your math with the number you defend right… or did you Lie?
                How many backers Tufao? Tell us please 🙂

              • Tufao

                If 600.000 backers had bought anything SC related during Gamescon 2017, they would have made 12 million dollars, just considering the lower offer of ship they have.
                So, yeah! You have no idea what you are talking about, right? You are just dumb as hell.
                And you pull off this 600k backer numbers out of your ass. We have no idea how many backers they have.

              • Joe_Blober

                You Tufao a game dev….. 🙂 best joke of the year!

              • Joe_Blober

                Yea Tufao, keep use this comment section as a therapy to try handle your frustration 🙂 Empty all your sadness you will feel better… backers are all idiot and naive and only you saw the light 🙂

              • p3g4susuout

                Tufao “2000k” = 2 million and I know we don’t have that many people yet…. Even when your trolling you still can’t get your information correct…

      • samplerico

        oh, get the f*** out already wiht this: “you don’t have a clue about anything” shut the f*** up. this demo is the most boring, cringy and embarasing thing i ever witnessed and still people aplauding throwing money at the screen and saying anybody who has a critique that they don’t know how game development works, so sick of this goons.

        Get a life dude, this thing is a fu***** mess already. Still no core gameplay mechanics after 5 years, not a shadow of SQ42 and yet they get time and money to put together another gimmick to the list, one that 80% of people will never use…And we have to hear how stupid brainwashed goons say to others how they don’t have a fuc*** clue of what is game development. GTFO.

        • Joe_Blober

          Keep shooting 5 years. Try to understand what means a team of 12 and 6M$ 5 years ago and you realise that yours 5 years translate in 2 and half at best from Publishers window.

          Amasing job, nothing less.

        • vander

          They are developing multiple of features at the same time and merges them once they are ready. Developing support for Faceware, creating new ships, core gameplay features, etc. can be under development at the same time and be often integrated independently.

          This is of course only my opinion but the demo was amazing. Knowing all the complexities of ships, physics, details, scale, etc. in Star Citizen makes the demo already very impressive. At least to me Star Citizen sets the bar what I expect from other (space) games.

          If this demo wasn’t impressive to you, maybe you could tell which demo has impressed you recently and why.

          • Tufao

            “They are developing multiple of features at the same time and merges
            them once they are ready. Developing support for Faceware, creating new
            ships, core gameplay features, etc. can be under development at the same
            time and be often integrated independently.”

            Of course. Just like that ship, the Banu Merchan, which was sold on Nov/2014 as coming out shortly after AC 2.0 before the release of PU. And they had already conceptualized internally and externally. Soon.
            Three years later, Disco Lando answers a question in a livestream, with the clear statement that he can’t talk about “WHAT DOES NOT EXIST”. Three years later. With 500 people in the team (in the start of the livestream he added 100 people more than Sandi mentioned in the previous day).
            6.5 years of development and 150+ million dollars.
            #notascam #notacult

            • vander

              Yeah, it was very impressive demo and set a bar very high. Which demo has been more impressive you have seen recently?

              • Tufao

                If you add to what as demo’ed, 99% of a non-existent gameplay that is just in your mind? Yeah! Impressive. I am pretty sure that the people calling it “impressive” are doing just that. But, by itself? By its own merits? Forgetting what does not exist and has been just imagined?
                It’s more-of-the-same of what we have been seen for decades in many different games.

                Except that is broken, not functional, scripted, and nothign to do or say or demonstrate the ability to deliver that 99% that is missing into this scene, as well as running in the correct environment, instead the unrealistic one built to run the demo.

                Pretty sure that any other demo of Gamescom was much more impressive than that. But it’s hard, when you put into a demo scene, your imagination. No doubt, in your perspective (of a fool), SC demos always will be more “impressive” exactly because you are adding to it, 99% of features that are actually vaporware and you believe that will be implemented on that. Have faith LoL

              • vander

                It is pretty normal that demoed games includes something that’s not published yet. You can call all gameplay demos in E3 hoax and fakes if you like. I personally trust CIG demoing their development version much more what we see big publishers and developers showing on E3 stage.

                It’s a bit confusing when people says development/alpha code is broken or buggy – of course it is. One can be even sure there will be lots of bugs even after the release.

                Why would I care who invented and used FOIP first in a game? Faceware has done excellent job and I’m happy CIG will use their software in Star Citizen.

              • Tufao

                Except that Star Citizen is published already and they are demoing features way far from the environment totally alien of where SC is published. That is not common! Not at all.
                The tech of faceware is available since 2012 or earlier. I wonder why the mainstream games still didn’t get that if its so great LoL
                Oh yeah! They did such a great job!
                Nice to see that their network code has enough spare bandwidth to accommodate FoIP.
                Even with every player in a single instance.
                I’m ready to be super impressed. Just as soon as it’s live.

              • vander

                So, what’s wrong about demoing features they are working on their development branches? Yesterday Egosoft demoed X4 features and development version of it. I personally liked to see how the project is progressing and I’m ready to support the project immediately when/if it is possible (Early Access + Linux support).

                Wouldn’t you like to see how for example development of Cyberpunk 2077 is doing and test alpha releases? I guess not, but I’m pretty sure there would be many players who would be interested.

                If Star Citizen is the first mainstream game which is going to use face tracking, good for them. I have modified PS3 cam which should work pretty nicely. Can’t wait to test the feature.

              • Tufao

                Nothing wrong if we were talking about a game released as promised, and three years later they were demoing new features to add in the top of that (and probably something near of the reality of what people would be playing, like demoing that on WAN, not LAN).
                Except that we don’t have that game that shoudl be released, and they are demoing a mess on LAN, with uber-machines, broken, without any meaningful or groundbreaking features for real. It becomes “impressive” only because fanboys are adding to what is shown, a lot of non-existent game/scenarios that are only in their minds.
                And without anything near of the basic core of the game available, after three years delayed, look, they have this “fancy face tracking” and “cameras” to sell!
                Even worst, when after two years of a last demonstration (which was similar fake/scripted demo as has been clear by now), nothing is shown of Squadron 42, it is obvious delayed to who knows when (definitely not this year), but you still will see 2017 in their sales page. So, there is nothing wrong with continuous false advertising right? That’s totally ok. Yeah! You sound like a legit gamer.

                And… Star Citizen is not mainstream at all. It’s a game for a niche.

              • vander

                They are demoing development version so even talking about “brokenness” is a bit funny.

                So the project is enormous and they are pushing core technologies in at the moment. That one of the reasons why Alpha 3.0 is such a important release. There seems to be lots of players who loves the idea of Star Citizen and wants to help it to happen – they show it by supporting the development. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

                People who has doubts shouldn’t support the project but just wait for the release.

              • Tufao

                At this point you are repeating arguments after I already addressed them. They are demoing a dev version in unrealistic environments, far from what the game “live” runs AND is broken.That after 150m dollars and 6.5 years of development. And what they are deoming does not represent even 0.5% of the game-as-promised on 2012. Which was promised to be released by the end of 2014. And what would guarantee that, according to their advertiising, was more money. And feature creep wouldn’t happen because all the additional features were well-thought.

                So, the problem here is how easy people forget the history and the things that this people used to convince thousands to pledge, and then, just changed the speech later as was convenient for them. They pointed the middle-finger to many people who made this project to be realized. Which believe on them. Which help to promote them and make them achive 150+ million dollars.

                But yeah! The problem is with people who believe in their fucking promises. Not with the liars who will lie for money and will even try to rewrite the past, do deceive new fools, as it fits to their monetary dreams.

                Alpha 3.0 is “such an important release”? No. It’s the project killer. They are adding planest to be explored. This is a huge, enourmous step away of EVER releasing the game-as-promised, which was supposed to have cut-scenes, limited areas, but, at the same time, would be more maintanable, supportable, meaningfull and giving room to create much more content, faster enough.

                Now, they added a huge area, just like Elite Dangerous that you criticized, and have no idea how to make that meaningful. And that adds so many things that this team have to deal, in terms of level of details, micro-details, etc, that is simply an impossible task, to deliver the FUCKING-GAME-AS-PROMISED that people paid for and helped to promote these fucking liars. Oh! And all that, is supposed to be aMMO for “millions to play” and “one thousand in an instance” LoL
                Why the hell no to say whatever is necessary for money and make fools to be just more fooled right?

                But hey! Tomorrow they just change everything, drop the PC version, release just on Xbox X, because reasons, and, well… “people shouldn’t support project with doubts”… what a hell.. .there are no doubts. THEY ARE LIARS! And that is a fact. And who still believe them are doing because are believing blindly on talk, regardless how many times these devs fail to deliver what they talk about.

                It’s a fact! They are liars! No doubt exists about that. Thank you to clarify to everyone that your own logic in the end of the day states that nobody should support them.

              • vander

                Yes, they are working on to deliver a space with in living breathing universe. It is an enormous task.

        • Cylio

          if you don’t like it play CoD then little kid, if you don’t like Star Citizen well you GTFO then.

        • Cylio

          Cry more little kid.

      • Tufao

        Actually, people who understand software/game dev and knows the details of the game are ROFL to the death.

        • Joe_Blober

          Sure and this is why Big Name like Dennis Crow are joining CIG… to be laugh about… 🙂

          Keep your hater campaign Tufao, at least you can’t be banned twice for harassing CIG team years ago right? 🙂

          • Tufao

            That’s why you have no respect even between your peers (fans of the game/whales etc, that are more reasonable). Because you lie and just talk bs.

            • Yep

              Tufao, even the command prompt confuses you!

    • korval

      Pretty sure Mark Hamill and Gary Oldman will pass away before this game is released.

      • samplerico

        lol, please, no. CIG sure get a way to need to redo all the mocap at least twice. We need those guys for another 10 years at the least.

    • samplerico

      One Word: Ludicrous. The article is a bit harsh, but its definetely one of the most boring / embarasing and cringy things i ever witnesed in my life. Trump is a stylish guy in comparison. And yet, after 5 years, not a clue about SQ42 status, not a single gameplay mechanic in place besides combat (already 3.5 years old) and no content whatsoever, they manage to get time and money to invest in another layer of classic Chris Roberts gimmick sh**.

      I’m seriously selling my package after my cutlass gets an up in price, if 3.0 is disapointing and the flight model is still shit, im selling my stuff for real.

      • Tinus

        If 3.0 is disappointing? When, you mean. Don’t wait for 3.0, get your money back right now or you might be too late.

        • samplerico

          I want to give them this last bullet, but it doesn’t look great. The same old disapointment seems to come with 3.0.

      • Joe_Blober

        The problem Samplerico is that you are just keeping shooting “5 years” on every comments. So you forced me to give obviously the same answer:
        CIG was a 12 team with 6M$ 5 years ago and you realise that yours 5 years translate in 2 and half at best from Publishers window.

        Amasing job, nothing less. We are just looking at the future of gaming in motion… like the 600I 🙂

        • Tufao

          So, if does not count the time that CIG was a 12 team with 6M$, that means that No Man’s Sky was developed and released in ZERO years?
          And why Roberts told people that 6m would make sure the game-as-promised to be released in 2 years then?

          • p3g4susuout

            6 million would have made the game he said, but they smashed that and got amazing amounts of money for the project so could make a much better and bigger game….. idiot

      • p3g4susuout

        good, cya

    • Verafice

      You shouldn’t have edited out the re-run, there were some great original bugs in that such as an AI NPC stuck clipping into a wall, and the quest NPC not triggering until 3 attempts.

      • Stan Duncan

        And in fact some of the “streamers” dialog was repeated in the speedrun which is quite telling IMHO.

    • AStormApproaches

      Wow, what an absolute embarrassment. I feel terrible for the backers who now have the unsavory task of having to defend this dross. Then again, screw them for trying to push their own financial missteps on to the rest of the gaming community. Such a joke.

      Also, get a refund.

      • Joe_Blober

        AStormApproaches is a well known troll rushing every SC article o soil this project. 3.0 is coming in few weeks… the scam is released 🙂

        • AStormApproaches

          You should really update your website, I just saw this:

          You don’t want to put out misleading information do you?

    • I_U

      The most damning thing about this is the absence of any enemy AI — all the fighting was between players. 2017 and they still have to fake a simple mission like this? How many years are going to pass before they can show off a mission that would be something someone could actually *play*, rather than play-act with 8 other people?

      • Joe_Blober

        Zero years to wait for mission. It is in since 2.3 with mission to fight pirate at different locations. SC have a modular development based on modules. Arena Commander, Star Marine, Area 18, Persistent Universe.

        The 3.0 Demo does show all of this. Of course they can’t go through every missions available. Check the powerpoint slide and you will see they are in 3.0…. they were in 2.3 already but now with a system developed to mixed them dynamically.

        Now if you can’t stand Alpha and game in development, hence not finished, why not come back from time to time and check the status? there are free week-end from time to time

        • I_U

          Uh…no. No, the demo doesn’t show what anyone in their right mind would call a real mission. The “fight pirates at different locations” thing in 2.x is entirely limited to space combat (basically the same turn-to-face-you-and-shoot script used by the ships in Arena Commander that CIG’s already described as a terrible placeholder that shouldn’t be taken as an example of what they want to eventually have), and there is no PvE ground combat anywhere. Star Marine is just a sub-par arena shooter, no AI bots to play against. There is literally nowhere in the current PU you can go to see computer-controlled opponents running around doing anything, and apparently there’s going to be nowhere to see that in 3.0, either, if this ‘demo’ is to be believed.

          Take away the handful of other players blowing up the ship and pretending to shoot at the rover at the end of the demo, and ask yourself: what was the basic structure of that mission? Talk to mission giver (if he spawns at all!), get on a ship, fly to another empty moon, go into an empty crashed ship, pick up a box (if you can see it!), walk outside. The end. The crash during quantum travel was the closest thing they had to an actual game-based challenge during the entire boring ordeal. That’s pretty sad.

          • Joe_Blober

            I_U I do not said that demo was a full fleshed mission.
            You talk about not having NPC’s pirate, trading, mining with ships. Correct…. This is not yet implemented. The first NPC’s we got in 3.0 are of thow types: Static or moving to thier business in Levsky or saleperson.

            It is sd only if you want to play a released game that is in Alpha. I want to play SQ42 and PU as much as you…. but you can’t ask a 12 guys company to release Triple-A with quality not done by everyone (just look at Mobi-glass compared to MS Andromeda…) versus publishers with Billions $ and thousands of Devs.

            CIG started from scratch, you won’t have SC released as a finished game in 2018 period. But end of 2018 most patch (4 remaining will have been released) and we will be in Beta or very close. Call me optimistic but they do have now all pipelines and game engine uptodate and the team size and talent to do it.

            Do we backers want to build the same crap than publishers serve us or not? End of 2018 is tomorrow for those joining now… for others, try to handle frustration by staying positive (no the game is not a scam, vaporware or a con) and take numbers and from where CIG started in perspective.

            • I_U

              We’re coming up on the end of 2017. CIG has collected over $155m and has five studios around the world, something like 400 employees, and has been doing this for a few years. Pretending they’re a dozen poor little dreamers working in a garage on a shoestring budget trying to compete with the big studios and constantly making excuses like “they didn’t *really* start development until 2013…I mean, 2014…actually, 2015” so that you can always claim they’re still only two years into this mess doesn’t wash: they ARE a big developer, they’ve put a lot of money and a lot of work and a lot of time into Star Citizen, and your insistence on mythologizing their humble beginnings and pretending it’s somehow still relevant doesn’t change what they’ve got to show for all of it.

              Which is, frankly, disturbing. I personally find it hard to believe that they’re *hiding* progress on things like the netcode, the AI, and the basic gameplay loops from everyone. I think they are genuinely showing us everything they’ve got that’s fit to be shown, and what they are showing us doesn’t look like it’s getting much closer to being a game.

              So, yeah, I’m going to call you overly optimistic when you say you think they’re going to get to beta by 2018. They’ve still got a *lot* of work to do to get the core features they’ve promised into this, and none of it can be sped up by just throwing more money at it. It’s going to be a long, difficult road for CIG, and potential new customers should steer clear of buying Star Citizen until it’s *much* closer to being done and they can see what their money’s actually going to get them. Right now, it’s a troubled project with a lot of as-yet-unfulfilled promises and not much in the way of clear, consistent answers about what is or isn’t going to be in the final version, and that’s just how it is.

              • Joe_Blober

                Here are real numbers. You can see the progression of team with some key dates and numbers:

                – Employees count:

                Nov. 2012 end of Kickstarter: Chris Roberts and around 10 people
                2013: 48 (Austin: 34 – LA: 14)
                2014: 161 (Austin: 55 – LA: 38 – Manchester: 68)
                2015: 258 (Austin: 57 – LA: 41 – Manchester: 132 – Frankfurt: 28)
                2016: 363 (Austin: 54 – LA: 64 – Manchester: 191 – Frankfurt: 54)
                2017: 428 (April)

                – Pledges chart:

                Nov. 2012 end of Kickstarter: goal was 2M$. They got 6M$…
                2012: 7M$
                2013: 35M$
                2014: 68M$
                2015: 104M$
                2016: 140M$
                2017: 155M$ (July)

                Quoting you: “your insistence on mythologizing their humble beginnings and pretending it’s somehow still relevant”…. I just never said it is still relevant, IE like they are still 12 guys in a garage…

                Try any race competion, start 2 years after other…. you will arrive AFTER ofthers. You can’t catch time. Einsten explained that better than me and he was a bit more clever than all of us 🙂

                What I say is if you refuse to take into account they were way behind publishers capability, not only by team size but also everything else (game engine, pipelines, admin) , you can’t understand that they show now is amazing. Shooting 5 years means nothing without context and facual reality of numbers AND time.

                We will have a much better picture of SC status end of 2018 (and of course every quarter in between) exactly because 2018 is a year with full team, game engine, pipelines uptodate.

              • I_U

                And if we pretend that any of that is relevant, how does it change the fact that this year’s Gamescom demo didn’t show an actual game? Or that there’s still no AI? Or that the flight model is still borked? Or that their “big surprise” of voip/facerig/positional audio just increases the network overhead on an engine that already falls over whimpering when more than a dozen players are anywhere remotely near each other? Set all of the promises and the dreams aside for a moment and look at the actual state of Star Citizen, and the plain fact is that there just isn’t much there yet. It’s barely in alpha: polished graphics aside, it’s missing nearly *everything* a game is supposed to have.

                Look, man, I genuinely don’t mind your boundless, unshakable faith that they’ll eventually make good on their promises and show you something genuinely amazing. I just think that maybe, *maybe* you should wait until they’re further into this process before you devote so much energy to praising them and defending them from any criticism. There really are a lot of legitimate reasons for anyone looking at Star Citizen to be worried about how the project’s going (the people who work there are certainly worried about it!), and that’s not likely to change in the near future. In fact, it’s not going to change until they’ve got something more substantial to show for all of their work, and that is the *only* thing anybody truly cares about. So maybe just chill out a bit, and on the magical day when Star Citizen genuinely earns your effusive praise arrives, it’ll mean a lot more, and you’ll have a lot more support for your view.

              • Joe_Blober

                Quote I_U:”So maybe just chill out a bit, and on the magical day when Star Citizen”

                You mean chill out out as much as you? Anyway the good news is that magic is not involved in SC game development. I can already predict the next movs: 3.0 in few weeks to Evocati then the 4 remaining patch: 3.1 to 4.0 up to end of 2018.

                If they extra performed and are able to go against universe law that interdict time reversal versus there original team size and budget, they could deliver the last patch 4.0 still in 2018… or move it to beginning of 2019.
                Nothing weird really because it means everything you are talking about will be in backers end, in or very close to Beta status.

              • p3g4susuout

                You need to refine what your saying there as you don’t understand some of it by what you said. Considering that the VOIP and FOIP WAS being handled by the game server for the demo but will when it is implemented, be run via the Spectrum service so will have nothing to do with the game server.

    • Avris

      As that crater comment goes, I’m pretty sure a soup bowl could fit all of Skyrim’s functioning game mechanics.

    • Yeetys

      pathetic release the features you already have and until then i wont believe anything you say 3.0 was supposed to be out in JUNE the new concept ships and vehicles(such as the cyclone) seem like diversion from the fact that most of the game probably doesn’t even exist yet. Now were almost to september and guess what still nothing even close to a game and now it has even been delayed again(you cant tell me other wise until i can actually platy the update) all these star citizen fanboys defending the game left and right such as joe blober and trying to shoot down anyone who criticizes the game.Dont get me wrong I hope the game becomes something great but right now it looks like we will never see an actual full game.

      • Joe_Blober

        What is pathetic is guys like Yeetys creating alts because previous one as been cancelled or banned ? 🙂

        Beside that, I shoot down nobody. I provide facts, numbers and educated guess of realistic game status and Beta expectation. If you are shoot down it is by yourself 🙂

        There are a burndown video updated weekly. Less than 70 bugs remaining last Friday. It will comes when ready… and certainly not in years or never.
        You pretend you want to see this game becoming something great? Fine. start to have a responsable and mature attitude toward not Joe Blober or anyone with a fanboy flag as per your vision, but to take into account game develoment factors of such ambitious game like team size + Time + Crowdfunded model.

        3.0 in 2017 is much more reacher than last December (even excluding FaceWatch), this is a major patch as important if not more than 2.0 and they are only 4 more patch to beta: 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4.0

        With a +428 team, game engine and pipelines uptodate, 3.0 released, 2018 will see at least (being pessimistic) 3.1 to 3.3.
        SQ42 Chapter 1 is coming by the same time frame. And no 5 years in Nov 2017 is not late by any means for a team of 12 end of 2012 with everything to rebuild or create from scratch.

        Backers have send and keep sending a message to Publishers: “we do not want your crap anymore and we are building a game for backers by backers”

        Note: please try not to upvote yourself…. because this is what you did at time of this comment 🙂

        • Yeetys

          when did I happen to up vote my own comment? and I don’t care If its a burndown date they still are setting unrealistic dates that gets everyone’s hype up and then they move it back once again.Its horrible marketing not to mention the horrible gamescom presentation(still with no squadron 42 gameplay) also I would like to know when was the last time they showed an gameplay of a mission for squadron 42.I respect that you defend the game but there s only so much you can defend and right now as I said until there is tangible gameplay of 3.0 to consumers this is looking like a big cash grab by Chris Robert and I see that in every article about star citizen you are writing comments defending the game surely there are things that you must not like about the development process

          • I_U

            I can answer part of that for you: they have never shown a mission for Squadron 42.

            During Gamescom, Chris Roberts did an on-camera interview with some German gaming magazine and revealed three things about Squadron 42:

            1. They spent more time shooting mocap for it than you would for a feature film, and so far they haven’t been able to get it looking “fluid” enough in-game to be usable. (Which makes sense, getting mocap into a game is very time- and labor-intensive, especially if you shot all of it before you even scoped out the game you were going to use it in. They’re hand-tweaking animations *and* trying to massage assets to line up with what they’ve shot, basically doing twice the work.)

            2. They don’t have AI “at an acceptable level” for the missions yet. (Which again makes sense, as they have already admitted and demonstrated that they don’t have AI that can navigate on the ground, and only barely have some that can noclip a spaceship around.)

            3. They haven’t gone beyond “blocking out” what the missions will be, and haven’t got a single playable one yet. (Another thing that makes sense, given the two problems he mentioned first.)

            Plus, there’s the ongoing problem with the mostly-broken flight model for ships, but that’s supposedly a thing that they’re not going to worry about for a while. So it’s gonna be quite some time before anybody sees gameplay from Squadron 42. And the scary thing is, S42 is the *easy* game, the one that Chris Roberts really wants to do and the one that doesn’t require them to find a solution to their networking problems. It’s the one that by all rights should have been a slam dunk, easy to scope and straightforward to put together, but apparently it’s a real struggle.

            • Yeetys

              thanks didn’t know they haven’t shown gameplay yet I think there holding an event in October for people who bought tickets to go visit cig studios hope there will be some gameplay of sq42 there.

            • Joe_Blober

              I_U some of your points are valid but will disapear with 3.0:

              Quote: “they haven’t been able to get it looking “fluid” enough in-game to be usable”:

              Mocap is fluid look at mission giver in Levsky, NPC’s or players. They are all based on mocap. Yes there is still some sync artifac but that is part of the continuous polish/bug fix and won’t make 3.0 unplayable. At worst a none fully optimised experience in all circunstances… The Netcode improvement will have a much bigger impact than mocap sync for the time being.

              Quote: “they don’t have AI that can navigate on the ground”:

              This is coming with 3.0 together with mission NPC’s. We can see NPC’s in Levsky (I understood around 200) wanding around, making repair, as well as salesperson and NPC mission giver. What we have not yet (something everybody is eager to test) are buddy NPC’s that can navigate with us or handle turret.

              Quote: “S42 is the *easy* game… but apparently it’s a real struggle”:
              CR did say he won’t make an Evocati/Backers pre-release of SQ42. Only a Triple-A vertical slice could be made for press, in order to not spoil SQ42 first visual effect.

              SQ42 and SC do share the same assets and tech (beside netcode as you mention). We do not know how many people out of the +428 are focusing on SQ42. So saying “it’s a real struggle”… I would rather say it’s real unknown to everybody beside the top management.

              CIG said they will provide later this year a schedule of release for SQ42 Chapter 1 (which is 1 third of SQ42). Let’s see what we get. Still 4 months to go till end of 2017.

              • I_U

                No, they shot over a hundred days of motion capture for Squadron 42, man. That’s a LOT of hours of mocap, and ALL of it is taking them a tremendous amount of time and effort to get into Squadron 42, both because that’s the nature of the beast (you can import it into a game engine but it’ll always need some labor-intensive manual tweaking) and because they leaped into shooting all of it long before they nailed down what the actual technical requirements were for their game engine and design. Now they’re faced with the grueling task of hand-correcting several hundred hours’ worth of mocap footage AND having to deal with adjusting assets to fit the mocap, instead of knowing what the assets were and shooting only mocap that would fit with it. That’s what Chris was talking about in the interview: not making one quest-giver sitting on a chair look okay, not making NPCs look like they’re fixing a panel. He’s talking about the massive amount of work they’ve got in front of them just for the principal characters in Squadron 42, not random animations for background doofuses.

                Look, you know Squadron 42 is basically his chance to make another movie, right? He’s got that fat script he wrote for it and he was so excited to book big stars to be in it, and there’s going to be hours and hours of people walking and talking and making speeches and running down to the hangar to get into spaceships. All of that is mocap. All of that is what he said they don’t have a handle on yet. All of that is why Squadron 42 isn’t ready to be shown: it’s not that they don’t want to spoil anything, it’s that they don’t have the ability yet to make a vertical slice that can be shown.

                Also, you’re just plain wrong about what they showed off in the Gamescom demo. Putting an NPC in a place and scripting it to move from A to B to C and play a “fix the panel” animation isn’t AI as far as an actual game is concerned. NPCs in that presentation don’t react to anything, not even when they get hung up on obstacles (the guy endlessly walking into the barstool in the background, the guy the player runs headlong into in the “speedrun” after the crash who just keeps playing the “walk forward” animation even as he’s getting shoved all the way back up the stairs, until the script finally just teleports him to where he’s supposed to be).

                If they have functional AI for NPCs — even something as simple as a crazy scavenger with a crowbar who can only move directly towards a player and try to hit him with it — it hasn’t been shown. And something like S42 is going to need a lot better than that if it’s not going to be a laughingstock, which is pretty much exactly what Chris was getting at in the interview.

                Squadron 42 isn’t ready because they’ve got much, much more work to do on his precious cinematics, and because they do not have the basic AI functionality that a space/ground shooter game requires. That’s what the man himself said. And the way he said it, it’s clear that neither of those are going to happen in 2017, and they’re pretty unlikely to be seen in 2018, either. Basically, don’t get so worked up about putting a positive spin on things that you start making promises for them that they’ve already said they can’t keep.

              • Joe_Blober

                Quote I_U:”promises for them that they’ve already said they can’t keep”

                I have still to find somewhere CIG saying they won’t release SQ42 Chapter 1 in 2018.

                Until they provide the schedule of release nobody can say for sure what would be the estimated date. Mine is mid-2018 but only CIG can tell for sure.

                One sure thing, backers and CR do not want a rush release just to please a few. And no 5 years numbers does not matter as they were started from 12 guys and 6M$. They are not late and can’t be compared to EA or Ubisoft. Period.

                Shigeru Miyamoto said: “A rushed game is forever bad”. He is 100% right.

                Better deal with 100 frustated vocal backers (at best) rather than get critized for ever.

                Note: They do have already NPC’s talking to player in Levski. Mission guy giver and saleperson.

              • I_U

                Oh, wow. Two NPCs who sit still and say things? Such gameplay! You could build a whole mission around…uh…going to the spot where they are and listening to them talk! Amazing! I guess the AI must be all finished, then, no need for anything more than that!

                Fun sarcasm aside, I think we both know that a mission-giver and a shopkeeper are a long, long, LONG way away from being anything like gameplay-related AI. And I suspect we’d both agree that if CIG had the ability to put computer-controlled opponents with guns in front of the players at their Gamescom demo, they would absolutely have done it; hell, if they had it working right now and it was part of the upcoming 3.0 patch, they would have shown it in one of their countless marketing videos, because why on earth would they keep a success that significant a secret? That’d be huge news! People would LOVE to know that it’s in the next patch! How crazy would they have to be to make “We’re adding built-in voip in 3.1” the big reveal of their Gamescom presentation if they had “We’ve got working missions with AI enemies that you’ll be able to fight!” to say instead?

                Anyway, like I said before, for S42’s current status I’m mainly going off the most recent video interview Chris Roberts gave. He was very clear on what wasn’t done yet: especially that processing the mocap for it was a very lengthy process with a lot left to do, and that they didn’t have AI suitable for use in the game yet. He also seemed very serious about shutting down any expectations the interviewer might have about seeing Squadron 42, which seems particularly significant, considering that Chris usually cheerfully spins every setback as just a temporary delay and that everything will be done “soon.” Instead, he put a lot of emphasis on saying that these were major issues that were going to take a lot of work to get past. Believe him or don’t, but personally, I think he exaggerates to make things sound *better*, not *worse*.

              • Joe_Blober

                Of course I_U the demo does not represent the final 3.0.

                That was for demo purposes and it tooks close to 45 minutes (if we removed crash server time).
                3.0 will bring a first test 26 that can be mixed up of dynamicly. 3.0 is not the final game.
                As all modules released and patch, this is to test/provide feedback not to play a final game. Anybody joining with the idea is got in hands a full fleshed sand box either as not read the 3 or 4 warning in every single SC pledge shop or want to give a wrong idea of what Alpha means…

                NPC’s Buddy are NOT in 3.0. You want them like me no problem. More development needed? yes…. How much to get a first taste? AI Subsumption is starting to come with 3.0 (mission giver) and will get more substance at every patch. So there is not a date but many incremental more complex AI. But they wont wait 4.0 ot release AI…. just because they need backers to test every new AI behavior injected in game.
                Delta patcher introduced with 3.0 will help to update small change/assets without waiting for the biggest remaining 4 patch.

              • I_U

                Well, I’m glad we share the same view about what 3.0 is, if nothing else. I agree with you that, based on what they’ve shown and what they’ve said, they don’t have AI opponents to fight in 3.0, and that this is something they’re going to have to implement in future patches. It’s something they still have a lot of work to do on, and we’re not going to be seeing the results for a while.

          • Joe_Blober

            … I know a lot about International costly project development and I confirm what I said:

            With a +428 team, game engine and pipelines uptodate, 3.0 released in few weeks, 2018 will see at least (being pessimistic) 3.1 to 3.3. SQ42 Chapter 1 is coming by the same time frame.

            5 years of development in Nov 2017 is not late by any means for a team of 12 end of 2012 with everything to rebuild or create from scratch.

            You want to see more gameplay beside the three available modules available for test? Fine I am with you and it is coming in the next 5 quarters. Again never forget CIG is easily two years behind Publishers with billions $ and thousands of devs… You can’t catch time.

            About patch 3.1 It is not even a question if coming next year… but rather if we will get all 4 remaining patch or three of them: 3.1, 3.2, 3.3…. hence at one patch (4.0) of Beta status.

            About Finance, there is no way that any responsible CEO would stop pledges/sales. It is mandatory to ensure that income continue to compensate costs and keep cashflow at a safe level.

            New or old ships sell will continue at least up to Beta. This is a no brainer even if it can be seen as cash grab by some…. it is not. Cashflow ratio level is a Must Have in any company, crowdfunded or not, there is no option B.

            Beside that this is the responsability of each individual to manage his own wallet. You won’t see anywhere in any of my comments, and I think any backers either, to pledge more than a starter package… each backer call to decide to support game development further more. An alternative is to become a Subscriber. That is what I did to keep supporting CIG while not buying more expensive ships.

            Note this comment and ping me last quarter of 2018… If I was wrong I will say so in big capital letters, no problem.

            • I_U

              I’d say that I’ll try to remember to get back to you at the end of 2018, but honestly, I’d just forget to, and I don’t really get off on that kind of thing anyway. So if your overly optimistic prediction doesn’t come true (and obviously, I think it’s not going to), I’m not likely to go looking for you to demand a big-capital-letter mea culpa: unless we cross paths somewhere else and you make a point out of reminding me about it, you’re fine just pretending you never said it. 😉

      • p3g4susuout

        I don’t mind if people have constructive “correct” criticism, i do have a problem with trolls and idiots who have no idea what they are talking about and filling other people’s heads with illusionary made up crap as they see fit…

    • Donald Trump’s Trumpet

      This author really doesn’t understand a lot of what he is writing about, please do some research before writing an article in future, that’s what real journalists do. Its not that difficult.

    • Donald Trump’s Trumpet

      I appreciate CIG for being the most open and honest dev in the industry, no other dev would be brave enough to show such early work and bugs, they even have a show dedicated to showing bugs and how they solve them, who does that? If only all developers where this open.

    • p3g4susuout

      PAUL YOUNGER, OP, I have a complaint with your report, due to the fact that you have, hopefully not intentionally, misrepresented things in the game and stuff about it.

      1) ‘Face Over IP’ will mimic the mouth movements of players as they talk into the mic and show the same movements on the character’s face….. Not quite, FOIP will live map the movements of your entire face to your character in game. your point came across weird.

      2) Crash alert! The game suddenly crashed and the pilot was disconnected from the game….. Incorrect, the pilots client crashed, not the game, hence why the other 2 were still on his ship and tried to take over control of his ship.

      3) “But getting a rover up a ramp is not exactly “pushing it” as Roberts implies.” Well that isn’t taking into account that they are taking a physics grid(in the rover) from the physics grid of the planet into the physics grid of the Idris to then go into the physics grid of the “verse”…. No, nothing complicated there eh???

      4) “There’s no doubt it’s quite impressive technology but is it really that important? We have seen Star Trek Bridge Crew use a similar idea for mic and lip syncing which does not require a fancy camera.”…. It is important as it has ALWAYS been an intended feature in the game and this is all about immersion, so yes, it is important. As you have already mentioned previously in this post you already stated that CR said it could be used with ALMOST ANY webcam, so “Star Trek Bridge Crew use a similar idea for mic and lip syncing which does not require a fancy camera” is an unfair distinction to make when SC wont require a fancy camera. It will work better with said camera as it has been designed specifically with SC in mind.

      5) “Melissa is alive somehow. Resurrection tech confirmed”….. it seems to me you are uninformed about some of the mechanics in SC, with this statement due to the fact that it has always going to be in the game to have so many times your body can be repaired before you eventually “die”.

      6) “Apparently, the black box was stolen by the captain of another enemy ship.” It was the “enemy” Idris captain that was saying about the box being stolen, not our “heroes”, the conversation was from the other Idris.

      7) “It’s a jerky experience at times and not that enthralling to watch from the outside of the ship”… first part is a fair comment except that the new netcode, ie Star-engine isn’t currently in game which will allow much higher frames and also more people per instanced area until they finish it , and then be allowed to mesh all the servers so we’re all in one big un-instanced universe. The second part, about it not looking good watching the fight of the Idri’, you must be mad. lol. Even without the shields being active it looked AWESOME watching the fight, and it doesn’t really show the achievement it is just to get to the point they are at with those ships, when you think that the ship has the same area as some fps maps and it can fly around also is insane, in and of itself.

      8) “but the more sceptical will have hoped to see something a lot more polished.” well those people will have to wait until the game is released and it has had all the optimisations and polish they will do in the end, no point in going too far atm due to them still making the game. And those of us with the foresight and faith in this project will just keep enjoying playing what we can as we have for the past years also 🙂

      Apart from those few things,and some other stuff, not a bad review. It is just a shame you hadn’t done your homework properly so as to not give an unfair, incorrect and possibly damaging review of a product that has all the chances to both, be finished and be completely awesome.

    • Yep

      I guess Intel just pumped a load of money in to a dead horse then, Tinus… I wish I had bleeding edge financial analysts like yourself on my team, any company would be lucky to have you. So it confuses me why you’re so poor and have so much time to waste on literally 100s of comments trying to defame a project that is clearly having great success! You’re a funny man, but I’m not sure you realise for what reasons 🙂