Star Citizen plans for 2017 revealed. 3.0 coming June

Star Citizen plans for 2017 revealed. 3.0 coming June

A lengthy Star Citizen update from CIG dropped into mailboxes detailing plans for this year and a date for the much talked about 3.0 update.

First of all, let’s get the date set for 3.0, which according to CIG, will be at the end of June. The 3.0 update is a big deal because this is the first time they will release the planetary tech for the public to try after it’s debut in video last year. This will include three moons around Crusader, Cellin, Yela and Daymar. A lengthy page of completed features for 3.0 can be found on the schedule report page. Scroll down because each feature set has its own schedule or check out the image below.

Star Citizen

CIG point out that not all the landing zones will be ready, this is in part down to Behaviour no longer working on the project which means they have had to replace the environment team with internal hires. Behaviour has now moved on from Star Citizen and they are now creating their own game.

The purpose of this lengthy update is to who what is in the works right up until December. Frustratingly there is no mention of a Squadron 42 release date and the above schedule does not feature any Squadron 42 goals. Still, progress is trundling along albeit at a delayed pace.

Let’s hope CIG can meet these goals and Star Citizen starts to become more of game and less of a tech demo. If more delays start to surface this year CIG could find themselves with even more refund requests to fulfill.

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