Everything must go in Star Conflict, so that they can get a proper start on upcoming Season 2 content. Accordingly, Gaijin Entertainment and StarGem Inc have launched a holiday fire sale. All packs and 50 % off

To punctuate, all the stuff on sale has been appropriately holiday themed, with Christmas tree like ships and similar skins and decals.

You can read what StarGem director Stanislav Scorb has to say about Season 2 here:

Season 2 is an exciting phase in Star Conflict. Not only do players have to worry about PvP attacks in the free to explore environment, but now they must also go up against new enemy types. And this time, it involves everyone: Outer Space is now open for all pilots, starting from the first rank. With the addition of Dreadnoughts after the holidays, these huge spaceships will add another dimension to intergalactic combat. And we believe that all changes will provide a broader, richer experience for Star Conflict players.

Buy yourself some Star Conflict stuff here.

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