Released earlier this year on the 360, Naked Sky Entertainment are set to unleash the game tomorrow on PSN and for the PC via Steam. The PC and PS3 release brings new updates to the game which will also be available free to all 360 users. The updates include the all-new Survival Mode as well as updates to the Conquest and Assault game modes.  A new trailer is available now on IGTV showing the changes that have been made to the Conquest and Assault modes. The new Survival mode which has been added to the game includes:Rounding out its three pre-existing multiplayer game types – Team Deathmatch, Conquest and Assault – Star Trek: D-A-C will now feature a single player type – Survival Mode. In Survival Mode, Starfleet captains select between four ships and are challenged to shoot down as many Romulan enemy drones as they can, progressing through four rounds with five different zones each before their three lives run out. When destroyed, the drones drop special pick-ups that help players win more lives and move up the Starfleet ranks and leader boards. Players will battle AI controlled Romulan ships and three new ships types in Survival Mode:  Space Pirate: a quick, nimble flyer that awards the most loot of all three drones Ramming Drone: an offensive fighter that commonly uses kamikaze attacks to crash into Federation starships Demolition Drone: a slower model that assaults through explosions, obliterating everything around itSurvival Mode also features a point-based pick-up system and two new “special” performance pick-ups:  Temporal Shift: everything slows down – except you Fire Everything: fire all of your weapons without depleting your energy storesThe game is available from tomorrow on PSN and Steam. 360 gamers can get the update free from LIVE.

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