After several hours spent reading through all the comments left on our Star Trek Online caption contest last week, we have come up with three winners.We had close to 1,000 entries, so the decision was no easy one but, several shortlists later, here are our favourite three: NX – 91001 = 250 Million bars of gold pressed latinum
    Flagship Crew = 25 Million bars of gold pressed latinum
    Bioneural Circuitry to support the most advanced computer system yet designed = 50 Million bars of gold pressed latinum
    Trans-Deck Holoemitter array = 45 Million bars of gold pressed latinumRamming the only solid object within 5 parsecs = priceless  ~ VictorMaximus The first female Captain stranded in Delta-Quadrant and the second……  ~  Tatonka “Captain, we’re receiving two hundred and eighty-five thousand hails”
    “Next time Wesley, I’ll drive.”  ~ SenatorPardek Congratulations to the people listed above, that’s VictorMaximus, Tatonka and SenatorPardek. You’ll all be hearing from us by email shortly.But we feel it’s only fair to mention some entries that were awesome runners-up, check them out below. Thanks to all who took part!You were only supposed to blow the bloody borg off!  ~ Caderbery…And if you look to your left, you’ll see the famous planet-sized art sculpture entitled ‘Tasha Yar’s Starfleet Career’…  ~ JmorrisPlanet sized confectionery was one of Qs favourite jokes.  ~ kingdanielCaptains log stardate 8675.309 “We’ve just been contacted by an alien race. They have informed us to keep our distance from their planet as its atmosphere is highly combustable, even the faintest warp trail could (KABOOOOOOOM!!!) Captains log stardate 8675.309 “we’ve just finished passing through a particularly dull region of space containing absolutely no planets or life of anykind.”  ~ kryptic127The maiden voyage of the “USS Titanic” meets unexpected disaster…  ~ DataSchmuckNew message from Starfleet, Captain. Apparently our orders were to ‘explore strange new worlds,’ not ‘explode’ them. They apologize for the typo and wish us success on the mission…  ~ Sthaz

    Paul Younger
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