Many potential Star Trek Online players were left disappointed earlier, when an interview podcast revealed that Klingon gameplay would be entirely PvP based.

Fans spotted the news in an interview with Cryptic’s Daniel Stahl, where he confirmed that Klingon gameplay would feature no episodic or genesis content, and would be completely based on PvP.

The following uproar on the official site prompted a response by Cryptic’s Jack Emmert, in which he explained that PvE content would be added if fans wanted it. He began by apologising that no Klingon news had been released yet this month, despite Cryptic naming December as Klingon month. He assured fans this would change, then went straight on to confirm their worst fears, that PvP is almost all that awaits Klingon players:

“Secondly, yes, Klingon gameplay is almost entirely PvP. We are trying to get some PvE in (there’s already a tad bit). And, if the players demand it, we’ll add more content (like episodes). I want us to be agile as a company and respond to what the customers want.”

Emmert then reassured fans that he is a big Klingon fan himself, and that if people enjoy the Starfleet content, it can be put in for the Klingons too. If players want the Klingon content to go in another direction, that can also be implemented.

He finished by adding that there’s more to an MMO than its release.

“MMORPG’s aren’t just about release. They’re about community and the years of gameplay. Disappointed that there isn’t more Klingon gameplay? Play STO, tell us what you’d like and we can deliver that. Every passing day, we can make STO into what the fans want.”See the podcast where the news was unceremoniously revealed below. 

Paul Younger
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