star wars: battlefront

Today’s teased announcement of a new multiplayer game mode in Star Wars: Battlefront has proved to be a little bit underwhelming, as Blast Mode is basically just Team Deathmatch.

But hey, you need your sturdy workhorse modes just as much as the flashy, new innovative ones. The 10 vs 10 format (with the winner being first to 100 kills, or the team ahead after 10 minutes is up) is about as straightforward as it gets, but you’d notice if it were missing.

Blast maps in Star Wars: Battlefront are said to be smaller in size than some of the other modes, in order to increase the number of times players will be bumping into (and shooting) one another. There are said to be “interior levels on Endor or Sullust” as well as “Tatooine’s dusty canyons” (reported to feature a fair bit of verticality,) and a map “inside the Ice Caves on Hoth.”

Maps for Blast won’t just be cut-down versions from larger modes, you can expect some tailoring specific to Team Deathmatch – as well as changes in lighting, time of day, and other cosmetic changes.

Weapon pick-ups will be “strewn across the map,” and will prove quite important as there are no vehicles or heroes present in this particular mode of play.

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