Star Wars: The Old Republic will be free on 15 March

Star Wars: The Old Republic is reaching out for some fresh players by offering a free weekend, beginning in just two days time on 15 March. The event will run until 19 March, during which time players will be able to sample the game with each of the eight different character classes.
The opening adventures of each class will be accessible to free players, as will “both their Origin World and their faction’s Capital World”. Early, faction-specific ‘flashpoint’ areas ‘The Esseles’ and ‘The Black Talon’ will be playable too.
If picking a fight is more your thing, you’ll be able to try out the PvP Warzones.
The weekend opens on 15 March at 12:01AM CT / 5:01AM GMT and ends on 19 March at 2:00AM CT / 7:00AM GMT.