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Yesterday’s release of the Starbound Enraged Koala update has not exactly gone to plan and Chucklefish issued a warning today for all players.

WARNING: If you have not yet started playing, please make a backup of your ship file, which is located in your steam folder/player/*.shipworld and backups of your world files located in your steam folder/universe/*.world

CLARIFICATION: We’ve already pushed a partial fix for this issue that ought to prevent more containers from being erased.  Please let us know if this is not the case.

A few hours ago, we pushed a second hotfix to Enraged Koala to fix an issue with seats and beds not being interactive. It worked fine in our limited test cases, but we quickly discovered after pushing from community feedback that it was deleting containers from some preexisting worlds.  Some of these were things like the shiplocker and fuelhatch which cannot be legitimately obtained in the game, rendering that ship unplayable.

The only fix for this issue right now is to remove your shipworld and allow the game to regenerate them, or restore from backup if you have one.  You will lose the contents of your ship if you do not have a backup.

We are all deeply sorry for the lost data, and will work hard in the future to prevent issues like this from occurring.

If you had continued playing and containers have been lost, they confirm that they can not  be recovered.

There’s not going to be a way to recover containers lost in this fashion unfortunately. If you don’t have backups, you can still player your character by allowing the game to regenerate your shipworld. But anything that was in your ship previously is lost.

The Enraged Koala update was released yesterday which added new biomes and stressed that there’s likely to be one more world wipe “sometime in the future” once the universe layout has been finalised. Updates after this patch are expected to become more regular as there’s now no requirement for an engine update. The Enraged Koala patch includes:

  • Valentine’s Day items including swords, costumes, decorations, bow, etc
  • Engine feature, tech can now be granted by armors
  • Keybinding reconfiguration, minus the UI (you can reconfigure keys through a config file- check here for a tutorial)
  • Server stability fixes for servers with many players
  • New death animations
  • Engine feature, all objects are now scriptable and interactive
  • More Avian weaponry
  • Projectile changes
  • Dogs can now be captured (lots more pets coming soon)
  • A bunch of new items and smaller pieces of content
  • New (actually sounds good!) microphone instrument with sounds provided by Smooth McGroove!
  • Bug where warping to magma/volcano biomes caused crashing was fixed.
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