Starfield: Where is your room in The Lodge?

Starfield The Lodge Room
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After joining Constellation in Starfield, you’ll be told that you have a room in The Lodge. The problem is, it can be very hard to find. Your room is useful to get a good night’s rest, to pass time, and to store items. If you’re wandering the Lodge’s halls aimlessly, here is your guide on where to find your room in The Lodge in Starfield.

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Note: If you’re confused about how to wait and pass time in Starfield, we have a guide on that to help you out.

Where is your Lodge room in Starfield?

If you want the grand tour of The Lodge in Starfield, which includes being shown your room, you can talk to Noel. She’ll show you every nook and cranny of The Lodge and give you historical facts on everything, but she’s kinda slow for my tastes.

To find your room on your own, go upstairs and open the locked door on the left by using the Lodge key. You’re now on the balcony on the right side of the main room. Continue forward and go through the second door on your right. The first and third doors lead directly to other people’s bedrooms.

You can tell a bedroom isn’t yours if you hover over a bed and it says “sleep (owned).” When I was discovering where my room was in Starfield, I had to check every bed until I finally found my room. Also, I’ve started multiple playthroughs and can confirm your room is always in the same place. Unlike the decision of whether you should go to the Lodge or the Eye which does, in fact, change.

Continue all the way down the hallway and turn left. The second door on your left is the door to your room. Open the door and you’ll be greeted with your permanent room in the Lodge. The interior walls are wood, there’s a multi-hexagonal mirror opposite the door, and there’s a red-leafed plant in the corner.

You’ll also find the Constellation box associated with your watch, which is purely aesthetic and a direct nod to the Collector’s Edition. I recommend you make use of the storage box, which is found to the right of the multi-hexagonal mirror if you and your ship’s inventories are ever full.

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