State of Decay patched and “big things going on” with the franchise

state of decay breakdown (2)

Undead Labs have kicked off 2014 with a patch for the PC version of State of Decay, their zombie killing and avoiding extravaganza. The latest update includes:

  • Fixed several instances of community members standing idle.
  • Players will no longer see an event called CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT. This was a developer-only fate card that didn’t get removed before going live. Sorry, everyone.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Chemical Incendiary research at Snyder’s. Players may now satisfy the prerequisites with the built-in workshop (and not with other workshops).
  • Synced stealth kills vs. walls and low walls now properly credit the Ninja challenge.
  • Inventory stockpiles are now limited to 120 instead of 60.
  • We no longer zero out meds and snacks on next day and instead just subtract home population
  • Fix for some story missions not progressing (those not getting the Watchtower mission at the Grange).

That’s not all though. According to Undead Labs there are “big things going on with State of Decay” but they’re not quite ready to reveal their plans as they start work on prototypes.

What we do know is they’ve signed a new multi-year, multi-title agreement to extend their development relationship with Microsoft Studios. This has to good news for PC gamers as I’m pretty sure that whatever they do next with the State of Decay franchise PC gamers will benefit from more content, and possibly even a sequel of they go down that route.

If you want to know more about the game read Peter’s DLC review and main game review.

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  • zegamer

    Be nice if the game had a manual

  • Leon

    Is it me or are they anyone out there that wish State of Decay engine to be used for some GTA-style game instead of zombie ?

  • Finite

    This game is one of the biggest surprises to come out in 2013. Can’t wait to see more surprises.

  • Unknown

    If Undead Labs is getting more involved with Microsoft Studios, their next game might not even come out on PC. After all their first title was already release late on the PC, so it won’t look like they’ll fight really hard for a PC version. Not that they did much good on it, since mouse aim is still spotty. And ironically, Microsoft Studios is the worse publisher for PC since they have shown that they will keep franchise on Xbox if it suits them more.

  • dakan45

    Piece of crap game.

    Campaign? feels like its put together by user made missions

    Open world? Just pointless grinding with resources that goes nowhere. So what if you got alot of assault rifles, its not like they do anything to zombies. SO what if you got alot of food? The game is gonna use that up when you are NOT PLAYING the game and will make you grind for more.

    The game is filled with bugs, the framerate is never stable the combat and the stealth mechanics are a complete joke.

    The dialogues are horrible i thought it was made by some small russian studio, lol it is actually a studio in the USA.

    Long story short screw this complete piece of crap. It would have been amazing as a coop/mmo game, but i dont see the point grinding with horrible design, bugs in a singleplayer game. Whats the point? You never really achieve something and like i said the campaign is shit.

    make it a mmo/coop game and people will play it, as it is, its pretty borring with alot of padding.

  • blahblahblah

    Completely agree with dakan45 on all his points. Once you play the game alot you kinda feel like “whats the point?” particularly in Breakdown DLC. But saying that I still end up playing the game time to time! Feels good to get kitted up and do some insane zomb killing spree.

  • sirgay titov

    war z fan right there