Stray Energy Drink Vending Machines Locations Guide

While exploring the Slums area in Stray, you’ll meet a merchant named Azooz. He’s got a couple of items for sale, but you do need to find Energy Drinks. You can obtain these by interacting with the Vending Machines scattered all over the place. Here’s our Stray guide to help you find all Energy Drink and Vending Machine locations in the Slums level.

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Stray guide – All Energy Drinks and Vending Machines in the Slums

Vending Machine and Energy Drink #1

  • You’ll find this right in front of a musician bot named Morusque (who’s just to the left of the Guardian’s shed).
  • Hand this over to Azooz for the Sheet Music so Morusque can play a tune. You can also check our Sheet Music guide for the locations of the other collectibles.

Strcat Enr Vend 1

Vending Machine and Energy Drink #2

  • From the main area with the Guardian’s shed, go to the alleyway to the left of the bar and follow it as it loops around.
  • You should see Grandma’s Shop (she weaves clothing).
  • Continue to the right and you’ll spot a dark alleyway.
  • There are steps here that lead to the right, which has a Vending Machine.

Vending Machine and Energy Drink #3

  • For the two remaining Energy Drinks and Vending Machines in Stray, you’ll want to go back to where the Grandma bot is. Then, use the airconditioning units and pipes to reach the rooftop. Other methods to reach the rooftops do exist, as there are lots of ledges in the Slums, but this is the fastest method after picking up #2.
  • Anyway, you’ll see one of the Vending Machines on the roof of the adjacent building.

Vending Machine and Energy Drink #4

  • The last one is right below the balcony with the bot that refuses to pet the cat. Make sure you’re facing its ledge so you can jump down to it.
  • The remaining Energy Drinks in Stray can be exchanged for the “relic” that Azooz offers.
  • It’s actually one of B-12’s Memory Fragments. He’ll talk about the original automatons that were built by humans.

Stray is available via Steam.

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