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There are eight Sheet Music items scattered around the Slums level in Stray. These are handed to Morusque, a robot musician who’s chilling near the building where you first meet the Guardian. Once given, he’ll play some tunes for a short while, and handing all of the items will net you the “Meowlody” achievement. Here’s our Stray Sheet Music locations guide to help you find all these collectibles so Morusque can give you the Music Badge.

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Stray – Sheet Music locations and Morusque Music Badge guide

Sheet Music #1

  • Interact with the blue vending machine in front of Morusque to get an Energy Drink.
  • Exchange this with Azooz the Merchant for the Sheet Music.
  • For the other Energy Drinks in this zone, you can refer to our Energy Drinks/Vending Machines guide.

Sheet Music #2

  • Go to the alleyway to the left of Morusque’s spot. You should find a safe with its combination written on a piece of paper.
  • Talk to some NPCs and they’ll say that only a true geek will know what it means.
  • From the main area where the Guardian is, follow the left alleyway past the bar as it loops around. You should see two robots sitting on the pavement, as well as a door with a note that reads: “Knock on the door and wait for us to open.”
  • This building is Elliot’s Shop. Scratch the door to make an NPC open it, then scurry inside. You’ll find the Sheet Music next to a large portrait.

Sheet Music #3

  • Go upstairs and talk to Elliot. He’ll decipher the clue for you.
  • Make your way to the bar and jump on the bartender’s counter. Keep scratching the portrait until it falls.
  • You should see the code: 1-2-8-3. Use this on the safe near Morusque’s spot to get the Sheet Music.

Sheet Music #4

  • Since you’re still in Duffer Bar, go upstairs to the second floor.
  • There’s another Sheet Music on the table near where the robot patron is.

Stray Sheet Music Guide Morusque Music Badge 4a

Sheet Music #5

  • The next few Sheet Music collectibles in Stray can be found while you’re doing the main quest’s objectives for the Outsiders’ Notebooks. For this one in particular, jump on various ledges until you reach the rooftops. You should see the building with the orange neon sign, which is where Momo lives.
  • Enter Momo’s apartment and talk for a bit. When you’re able to explore again, squeeze through the storage room door and climb on the boxes to grab this item.

Sheet Music #6

  • The next two Sheet Music in Stray can be found in locations directly opposite Momo’s apartment.
  • The first one is on a table on the balcony of an apartment with a barred window.

Sheet Music #7

  • The second is just beyond that point inside Clementine’s apartment.
  • Enter the window and pass through the broken door. Check the cabinet to the right to pick up this collectible.

Strcat Shmsc Gd 3a

Sheet Music #8

  • The last Sheet Music in Stray is found inside Doc’s apartment. You can enter it by traversing the rooftops all the way to the right (if you just exited Momo’s building).
  • This item is on the piano in the library.

The Music Badge

Every time you return a Sheet Music item to Morusque, he’ll play a tune for a few seconds. You won’t be able to interact with him during this time, so just wait until he’s done or roam around a bit. Keep handing him all the collectibles that you’ve found and you’ll obtain the Music Badge and “Meowlody” achievement in Stray.

Strcat Shmsc Gd 5

Stray is available via Steam.

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