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The Outsiders are a group of intrepid adventurers in Stray. They’re convinced that there’s a way to go “Outside,” a means of leaving the ruined city for good. However, the only one that’s left behind in the Slums is Momo, and he needs your assistance. Here’s our Stray guide to help you find all Outsider Notebooks for Momo so you can progress further in the Slums level.

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Stray – Outsider Notebook locations guide (The Slums)

Momo’s Notebook

Finding the Outsider Notebooks in Stray is part of the main quest, though you can pick up several of these just while exploring about (even before you meet Momo). Still, let’s say that you do want to talk to Momo first. You can find him by climbing various ledges until you reach the roofs of the buildings. He’s inside the apartment with an orange neon sign.

Momo admits that all his friends left on a journey and he doesn’t know what happened to them. You’ll then receive Momo’s Notebook automatically.

Note: Before you leave Momo’s apartment, make sure you check the storage room for a Sheet Music item. A couple of locations also have these collectibles for Morusque, and you can refer to our Sheet Music guide for the other items.

Clementine’s Notebook

To find Clementine’s Notebook in Stray, just exit Momo’s apartment. B-12 will say that the homes of the Outsiders have strange symbols on them, and you should see one just across your current location.

Inside, pass through the damaged door and take a look inside the small room. You’ll find Clementine’s Notebook on a computer.

Doc’s Notebook

To get Doc’s Notebook in Stray, go to the building at the far-right edge of the city (assuming you just exited Momo’s apartment). Inside, you’ll see several bookshelves and stacks of books lying around.

Check the small living room in the corner. There’s a note from the assistant, netting you a key. You’re also told that the safe is hidden behind a stack of books.

Take a look at the space between two shelves to spot several stacks of books scattered all over. Bump into these to reveal the safe. Use the key to open it and grab the notebook inside.

Zbaltazar’s Notebook

Finally, head to the building to the left of Momo’s apartment. Use the ledges and airconditioning units to get to the top. You’ll see a vent shaft here, but the rotor blades are still moving. Check the side and pull out the power supply to disable the blades.

You should now be able to jump down to the room. The notebook that you’re looking for is underneath a stack of boxes. Just bump into these to reveal the item.

Returning to Momo

Once you have all four Outsider Notebooks, return to Momo’s apartment and talk to him. He’ll decipher his friends’ writings, learning that there’s a way to contact other areas, and even a weapon that can destroy Zurks.

After this, you’re tasked with going to the radio tower to install the transceiver. Don’t worry about other collectibles that you haven’t picked up yet, because you’ll be able to return to the Slums when you’re done with that task.

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Stray is available via Steam.

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