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After the cat arrives at the Slums level in Stray, you’ll have a chance to explore the dreary and grim location. Soon, you’ll encounter a musician named Morusque and, past his spot, you’ll see a safe. Here’s our Stray guide to help you open the Safe with the Mysterious Password in The Slums area.

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Stray guide – How to open the safe with the Mysterious Password

B-12 will say that you can pick up the Safe’s Mysterious Password in Stray. However, it’s just a piece of paper and you won’t know what to do with it yet. If you talk to other NPCs, they’ll all say that it’s an old binary code that only a true geek could solve.

Stray Safe Mysterious Password Slums Morusque 1

That geek happens to be Elliot, who also lives in the Slums. From the main area, go left in the alleyway past the bar. You should eventually see two robots sitting on the ground (another robot might pass by and talk to them).

The door here leads to Elliot’s house, and the note says: “Knock on the door and wait for us to open.”

Stray Safe Mysterious Password Slums Morusque 2

Simply scratch the door with those cute kitty claws and someone else will open it, allowing you to run inside. There’s a Sheet Music on the first floor as well next to a large portrait.

As for Elliot, you’ll find him on the second floor of the apartment. Show him the clue and he’ll mention that it means: “Duffer Bar.”

Stray Safe Mysterious Password Slums Morusque 3

Go to the bar and jump on the counter. There should be a portrait to the left. Scratching this causes it to fall, revealing a password: 1-2-8-3.

That’s it! Now you know the Safe’s Mysterious Password in Stray.

Strcat Sf Mystpw 1

Go back to the alleyway and unlock the safe using the code. Inside, you’ll find another Sheet Music. These collectibles can be handed to Morusque, letting him play a new song and, eventually, netting you an achievement as well.

Note: For more about these collectibles, you can refer to our Sheet Music locations guide.

Strcat Sf Mystpw 2

Stray is available via Steam.

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