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Much later in Stray, you’ll end up in an area called Midtown. There, an Outsider named Clementine will tell you of a way to enter the factory. She’s got a contact, who also happens to need the right outfit for the job. Here’s our Stray guide to help you get the Worker Jacket and Worker Helmet for Blazer in Midtown.

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Stray guide – How to get the Worker Jacket and Worker Helmet for Blazer (Midtown)

Blazer’s location

To find Blazer in Stray, you’ll want to go to the main street. You should see a preppy wardrobe shop just before the town square (take note of this location since you’ll return here soon enough). Check the alley to the left and talk to the bot there, and he’ll reveal that he’s Clementine’s contact. He then asks you to find the Worker Jacket and Worker Helmet.

Worker Jacket

  • In Clementine’s apartment complex, you’ll see three rowdy “teen” robots who want to party. One of them wants you to destroy the three security cameras.
  • Two are hanging off the second-floor railings, and the third is on the wall.
  • After the cameras are destroyed, talk to the fella and he’ll give you a Cassette Tape.
  • Return to the wardrobe shop and go to the back room. Place the Cassette Tape inside the boombox.
  • The manager will get distracted by the noise, allowing you to grab the Worker Jacket off the third mannequin displayed near the entrance.

Worker Helmet

  • Check near the town square for a shop that sells hats. It’s closed at the moment because a couple of assistants need to place new shipment inside. Unfortunately, one of them is missing.
  • Go to the street leading to Clementine’s apartment to spot a bar with a red neon sign.
  • In the room at the back, jump on the shelf and push the box so it crashes on the robot’s head. That’ll wake him up.
  • Make your way back to the shop and jump inside the box. The groggy robot will carry you inside the store.
  • You’ll be able to pick up the Worker Helmet here, and also push the grate open so you can go back outside.

Back to Blazer

Now that you have both the Worker Jacket and Worker Helmet in Stray, return to where you met up with Blazer initially. Give him both items so he can change his attire.

When you’re ready, jump inside the box so Blazer can carry you past the factory’s security entrance. After your trek in the factory, you’ll have to find all of Clementine’s clues left in her apartment.

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Stray is available via Steam.

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