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Streets of Rage 4 — Enemy tips and tricks guide

Take back the streets.

Streets of Rage 4 is a game pulling double duty. It’s a loving nod to the franchise’s past, but it stands as a proper sequel as well. Naturally, it drops you back on the familiar streets of Wood Oak City facing not only classic enemies, but some new foes. Many of the old strategies against classic enemies still work just fine — even 26 years on. But what about the very new, very punchable faces? Well, that’s where this enemy tips and tricks guide comes in handy. From Galsias to Garnets, let’s go over the best ways to introduce them to some bare knuckles.

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The first page of this guide covers the original enemies from the series that make a comeback in Streets of Rage 4. On the second page you’ll find the newest foes.

The usual suspects


Streets Of Rage 4 Enemy Tips Tricks GalsiaGalsias have been your typical fist fodder enemy since the dawn of Streets of Rage. They’re fairly passive, and don’t defend themselves. You can usually beat them quickly with just a short combo. However, although Galsias are easy prey, that doesn’t mean you should drop your guard around them. Galsias become far more formidable in large groups (be careful in the Chinatown stage) — it’s basically your 100 duck-size horses scenario. Also, some Galsias will carry knives or broken bottles and make a beeline straight to you, making them quite annoying. Jump attacks are a good bet for dealing with knife-wielders.


Streets Of Rage 4 Enemy Tips Tricks DonovanDonavans have a strong respect for the “no fly zone.” That is, they have a tendency to knock you straight out of the air with a swift uppercut. They also enjoy carrying weapons. In later stages, they can even catch a thrown weapon, and then toss it straight back. They’re kinda assholes. Your best bet when dealing with Donovans is to not try jump attacks. They’ll just shoryuken your sorry ass back to the asphalt. Moving in can also be a bad idea, as they have a longer reach than Galsia.

Your best bet is to move toward them at an angle and attack first. Another approach is to pick up a long weapon, like a pipe or bat, since those are longer than Donovan’s reach. And, thanks to the new innovation of being able to snatch a weapon in mid-air, if a Donovan foolishly throws one at  you, grab it and reintroduce him to his lost friend.

Y Signal

Streets Of Rage 4 Enemy Tips Tricks SignalSignals, the mohawked punks of the streets, are enemies that also had their debut in the first Streets. These guys tend to be flow breakers, charging in and throwing you around. In Streets of Rage 4, enemies that are about to throw you will flash red. So you’ll see Signals flashing quite a lot in your runs. Not only do they enjoy running up and tossing you like a dwarf, they also tend to use a slide tackle move.

The strategy for dealing with them is rather simple. If you’re being tossed, hit jump right before they land and laugh at their lame attempts to bring you down. If you see them start to crouch, hop over their slide move. Signals don’t have a move to knock you out of the air, so they’re easily dispatched with a jump attack.


Streets Of Rage 4 Enemy Tips Tricks GarnetAh, Garnet, the sassy lady with the attacking hitbox as large as a mid-sized BMW. Garnets make a return from Streets of Rage 3, and are more than ready to piss you off in the latest sequel. They use jump kicks as their primary attack, and can move diagonally through the air. Their “attack box” on their feet is larger than you might realize. Even if you believe you’re far enough away from taking damage, chances are you’re not. When Garnets get in close, however, they slap you across the jowls, furthering your frustration.

However, you have a better chance at dealing damage up close. If you’re using a character that can run or dash, move in close from above or below so you can dodge their jump attack — never run straight at them, or you’ll be eating shoe leather. Once up close, use a combo to soften them up. Better yet, if there are more than one on the screen, throw the Garnet into another one and dash back in. They don’t have much health, but be swift.

Raven (aka Eagle)

Streets Of Rage 4 Enemy Tips Tricks EagleThese Muay Thai champions got their start in Streets of Rage 2. They behave roughly the same in Streets of Rage 4, getting in close to kick you repeatedly. In addition, they also have a flying knee move, that knocks you straight on your ass. Ravens are also one of the rare enemies that can block your attacks, mitigating all damage. Indeed, they’re tough foes compared the the prior clowns. The best strategy against Ravens is to dodge their flying knees by moving at an angle and get it close. If you manage to hit them before they block, then combo away. If they’re blocking, stop the combo and move in for a grab attack.

Big Ben (aka Bongo)

Streets Of Rage 4 Enemy Tips Tricks Big BenOh, wow I really hate these guys. Big Ben and his obnoxious laughter have been the bane of my existence since the first Streets of Rage where he debuted as a boss. In latter games, and in Streets of Rage 4, he’s a rare enemy type, mostly showing up to burn or squash you with his massive bulk. There are different subtypes of Big Ben to watch out for. Big Ben classic wears a white shirt and red cap, and charges with fire breath. There’s also a type that often rolls around dealing damage, and a third type that leaps into the air for a vicious belly flop. These other two wear different colored shirts, such as light blue or tan.

Dealing with them is easier than you think, really. They only become dangerous when there are trash mobs distracting you. Keep an eye on them, as they broadcast their incoming attacks. The fire Big Ben will lean back before charging, and the others will crouch. By watching them closely, you can anticipate where they will charge or land, allowing you to get in close for a combo attack. You can also throw them, despite logic telling you otherwise.

Nora and Electra

Streets Of Rage 4 Enemy Tips Tricks NoraBoth Noras and Electras look the same, but are distinct in attack damage. They are both leather-clad, dominatrixes that use a whip as a medium-range weapon. However, while the Nora will dish out only damage, Electra charges her whip with electricity. You can deal with the both roughly the same. Wait for them to reach back before swinging the whip. After their attack animation, go in for some damage or throws.

Gold (aka Assassin Agent)

Streets Of Rage 4 Enemy Tips Tricks GoldThe Golds have guns, yes, but don’t panic. They are far easier than they first appear. Golds are slow-moving enemies that fire shots from a distance. If you get hit by the first bullet, you will get juggled into more. He deals a good chunk of damage, but luckily the bullets travel slower than paintballs so you should be able to get out of the way in time if you’re at a distance.

Golds are all offense, no defense. Rush in close from above or below, and give them a good pummeling. They are only dangerous with other enemies onscreen, as you won’t be able to dodge their shots when you’re busy scattering teeth to the wind.

In the next page, we’ll go over the new enemy types ranging from Dylans to Feroccios.

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