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Strikers is a MOBA inspired football game from Petroglyph

What happens when you combine MOBA skills with football? Petroglyph’s Strikers that’s what.

Yes, that’s right, this is a football game with characters that all have their own special skills. With skills such as Blink, Poison or even the ability to crush the goalie. Every character will have standard abilities like kicking, tackling and sprinting but it’s the special skills that make this interesting.

The game will come with a Quick Match system to match players of similar ability, leaderboards, an Observer Mode, match stats, and a practice mode.

The game is coming to Steam this spring and it looks a little mad. The video below is a work in progress video so things will change.

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  • BiffChadwell

    I wish devs would stop using MOBA. Both because its stupid – this genre descriptor for lane pushers never should’ve gotten this far – and also because “unique abilities for characters” goes back much further than them. Say fighting game + Soccer, Petroglyph, ffs. Adapting roles based on who you use? Also a fighting game thing. C’mon now, devs.

    At any rate, that trailer doesn’t show much, but I’m hopeful its good, old-fashioned, arcadey sport action. Seems to be a bit of that coming up. Disc Jam and Windjammers obviously (Frisbee), but there’s also stuff like Shut up and Slam-Jam: Karate Basketball (Basketball… and, uh, Karate?), Stikbold! (Dodgeball), Dunklords (Basketball), Wonder Wickets (Mini Golf), Mutant Football League (US Football), Hyperbrawl Tournament (…uh, whatever future sport Pitball was doing)… its almost like arcade sports are making a comeback. Lets just hope they keep getting some kind of Rocket League-style promotion (Disc Jam being a PS+ title is a good move), lest they just continue to be greatly overshadowed by mediocre “AAA” games from the same 4 publishers due to lack of marketing. Arcade sports > non-Arcade sports. They never should’ve died off…