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You know what game from my childhood I miss dearly? Well, I’m actually thinking of two games: Marvel Ultimate Alliance and its sequel. I played both ARPGs for many hours, and I’m still annoyed by the shitty PC ports (that eventually got pulled anyway). I’ve been waiting for a similar game to scratch that old itch, and Marvel Heroes didn’t quite cut it. But I feel hopeful for Superfuse, a top-down, super hero-themed ARPG that’s heading to PC in 2023.

Superfuse seems to carry the super hero ARPG spirit of those Marvel classics. The art style is awash with bold colors and thick, black lines around characters and objects. Story moments appear to be told through comic panels, and the voice work is rich in campy dialogue.


But this doesn’t seem to be your grandad’s super hero-themed game. Superfuse looks like it’s channeling less from the Marvel or DC universes and more from The Boys. Enemies turn to blood fountains underneath your mighty mitts, and the story itself — themed around a dying Earth and monsters known as ‘the Corruption’ — is tinged in darkness.

Biff and bash, and beat some faces

Superfuse‘s developer Stitch Heads Entertainment still plans on bringing the usual co-op super hero-style action I adore to PC. Characters have massive, complex skill trees, you can play it solo or in four-player PvE co-op, and the campaign is fully voiced. I’m looking forward to seeing how well the super duo can complete their vision when the game lands next year.

“With a staggering number of possible skill combinations, Superfuse’s skill tree is as deep as it goes,” reads the game’s description. “Play solo in campaign mode to uncover the secrets of The Corruption and the Gods — or cooperate in 4-person multiplayer with friends to demolish hordes of grotesque creatures, hulking abominations, and larger-than-life bosses that feel like they have stepped right out from the pages of a comicbook.”

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