September 5th, 2017

Surgeon Simulator 2013 add-on offers eye and teeth surgeries

surgeon simulator anniversary edition 2
I’m actually eating while writing this story. I’m not so hungry anymore.

Malpractice makes perfect in the ludicrously cheap Surgeon Simulator 2013 Anniversary Edition content.

If you’re not quite done with performing horrifically inept surgery, you will probably want to pick up Surgeon Simulator 2013‘s new Anniversary Edition add-on pack because it adds quite a lot of stuff. There are eye and tooth operations, for starters, which is such a horrific idea I’m not sure I want any part of it. There are also new environments in which to perform surgeries, so if you fancy extracting a tooth while the patient is being rushed down the hospital corridor on a gurney, you can now do so.

In terms of non-gameplay additions, Anniversary Edition also makes updates the graphics, adds stat-tracking so that you can compare notes across your last nine surgeries, offers 42 new achievements, and gives you the game’s soundtrack. And happily, because Bossa Studios aren’t shits, this only costs £1.99.

So yes. £1.99 for nicer graphics, more operations, more environments in which to do those operations, the game’s soundtrack, stat-tracking, and a bunch of new achievements. That’s a sufficiently good deal that I’m probably going to buy it even though I don’t imagine I’ll be playing it any time soon. If you fancy picking it up and accidentally removing eyes, just click here!

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