A little post-script to Tim Sweeney’s op-ed piece criticising Microsoft’s plans for UWP (Universal Windows Platform) has taken place on twitter.

In a comment that could either be read as fully sincere, or one heavy with sarcasm, Sweeney re-tweets Microsoft’s Phil Spencer saying UWP is a “fully open eco-system” and adds “[I] look forward to thorough technical details on UWP’s planned openness at //build”. That refers to Microsoft’s upcoming developer conference event at the end of March.

This tweet generates further discussion relating to Sweeney’s fears that Win32 executables could be “buried” as Microsoft attempt to eliminate competition to the (UWP-based) Windows 10 Store.

“Not about eliminating [Win32],” he writes. “About making it so difficult to enable and deal with that they crush alternatives to Windows Store.”

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