SWERY’s The Good Life hits Kickstarter today – Improved visuals trailer

SWERY’s The Good Life hits Kickstarter today – Improved visuals trailer

Last September SWERY, Yukio Futatsugi,  and their studio White Owls launched a crowdfunding campaign on Fig for their mystery adventure The Good Life. Last year they were looking to raise $1.5 million and today the crowdfunding is moving on to Kickstarter after its previous failed attempt. The Fig campaign only managed $682K of the $1.5 goal. This latest push on Kickstarter is looking to raise ¥68,000,000, around $684K.

This game is a strange one as players take on the role of a debt-ridden photographer from New York how has ended up in an English village called Rainy Woods. The protagonist Naomi will have to work to clear her debts which involves working part-time jobs and taking photos which she sends back to New York. In the meantime, she will also have to solve a mystery.

Where it gets really weird is when night falls and all the villagers turn into cats or dogs which means players will get to play as a cat or dog when the sun goes down.

Ahead of the Kickstarter launch, the team has shared a new video which shows how the visuals have been improved since they last shared some footage. It’s quite an improvement.

The Kickstarter campaign is expected to go live today.

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