SWERY’s The Good Life which is on Kickstarter now has a demo

SWERY’s The Good Life which is on Kickstarter now has a demo

SWERY and White Owl Games The Good Life is currently about halfway to its Kickstarter goal and now they want gamers to play it.

A prototype demo has been released on the Kickstarter page this evening giving gamers the chance to check out the game which is set in the English village called Rainy Woods. In the Good Life, the protagonist Naomi will have to work to clear her debts which involves working part-time jobs and taking photos which she sends back to New York. In the meantime, she will also have to solve a mystery. There’s some weird ideas in this such as the villagers turning into cats and dogs at night.

Details on how to grab the demo were posted on the Kickstarter and can be seen below.


The Good Life Prototype Demo, Available Now!
Download from the link below

In order to start the game, double click “The Good Life Prototype Demo 2018 April.exe”.

We did our best to prepare this ASAP in order to grant everyone’s wishes.
There are a bunch of bugs present in the build, but we hope you’ll enjoy this chance to visit the world of The Good Life much earlier than scheduled!!

You’re free to use the demo as you please, so go ahead and share it with all your friends and all over the internet!
Please help us find more supporters. We’re counting on you!

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