Antology – New Level Pack for the Award-Winning ‘Anthill’ iOS Game

You asked for it and Image & Form has answered: Antology, a brand spanking new level pack for Anthill on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It has launched worldwide as an in-app purchase in the latest version of Anthill (4.1), and will be available at $0.99. For one measly dollar (or the equivalent) you get 8 fresh levels and a new infinity mode called Ceaseless Mayhem. And that’s not all: Anthill (excluding Temple of Bloom) is at the moment completely free through the App and on the App Store.

So what has the Anthill team been up to as of late? Naturally they’ve gotten up to all sorts of antics, but they actually saved their top-notch devilry for the players, in form of the devilishly tricky levels in Antology. Those pesky insects are acting up again, and they’re tougher than ever. General Hardass and the rest of the ants need your help. But beware: Antology is not for the faint of heart.

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