Zynga Doubling Down On Mobile

Don Mattrick has revealed in an interview Zynga’s plans to recover in the mobile space, with new incarnations of Farmville and Words With Friends.

By their standards, Zynga has fallen from grace, from 300 monthly MAUs (million active users) in 2012 to 112 MAUs today. Mattrick, who is often credited by his peers for turning around the Xbox business when he was at the helm, spent the past year trimming the company down amidst steady losses.

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Farmville In Trouble? Zynga Shares Value Drops Sharply


The biggest social game in the world appears to be in a bit of an awkward situation. Zynga, the company behind the hugely successful social networking game, Farmville, have posted figures that point towards a big decline for them.

Shares were initially down by 8% for the company before the report had even been released. Now they are down 41% leaving the value at $2.99.

Facebook also suffered a drop of 6.6% in their shares, which is not entirely their only issue, as Zynga are citing Facebook as a large reason for the huge drop in their shares, saying that issues have arisen in part due to “a more challenging environment on the Facebook platform.”

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