Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Best Julie build

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Best Julie Build
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Out of the five Victims in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Julie reigns supreme when it comes to sprinting and hiding. Both her Endurance and Stealth attributes start high, and as you level her up, you can make them even better. Even her main ability allows her to sprint for longer than normal, so you can get away from the Family easier. Want to know the best build for Julie in Texas Chain Saw Massacre? Continue reading to find out.

Best Julie build in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

As you upgrade one of the best Victims from level one to 10, you’ll soon realize how great of a character Julie is. Although she has amazing Endurance, Julie’s best attribute is Stealth. This allows her to quickly complete actions that usually make a ton of noise. Getting out of restraints, scavenging for Unlock Tools, and opening up crawl spaces is what Julie does best.

But what about when a Family member spots her? That’s when you rely on her amazing Endurance. Most of the perks you’ll want to focus on in her build have to do with Endurance and sprinting, as it also ties into her main ability. ‘Ultimate Escape’ stops her from being trackable by people like the Cook and Johnny, while also reducing her stamina consumption.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Best Julie Build Attributes

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Best attributes for Julie in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

  1. Endurance
  2. Stealth
  3. Proficiency

Apart from the two most obvious choices for upgrading attributes, you should also focus on her Proficiency. When coupled with a high Stealth, Julie can easily perform tasks like picking locks or turning off car batteries with high Proficiency. Her Toughness is already at a decent level, and you shouldn’t even bother with Strength. Let other Victims on your team like Leland or Ana take care of protecting the group.

The image above shows how I’ve used the 28 attribute points from the skill tree. It provides me with a good balance of quiet movement and being fast in the face of a fight or flight situation. I also make sure to give her Proficiency some love, while ignoring her Toughness and Strength.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Best Julie Build Skill Tree Perks

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Best Perks for Julie in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Apart from your central ability, you can give each Victim three perks. Some of them will simply upgrade your main attributes, while others give you unique skills. When I first started building Julie, I focused too much on her Stealth and Proficiency, but neglected Perks that would aid her best ability. You need to balance out her Endurance, Stealth, and Proficiency if you want the best Julie build, which you can do with any of these Perks.

  • Conditioned: When you completely run out of stamina, it takes less time to regenerate.
  • Cover Recovery: Stamina recovery increases as you use hiding spots or shadows.
  • Choose Flight: Your stamina bar instantly regenerates after depleting it completely.
  • Highly Skilled: Increases your Proficiency attribute.
  • Efficient Locksmith: There’s a chance when unlocking doors that it doesn’t consume your Unlock Tool.
Texas Chain Saw Massacre Best Julie Build Ultimate Escape Ability

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Best Ultimate Escape ability tree in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Julie’s main ability ‘Ultimate Escape’ hides her from being tracked, and reduces her stamina consumption. There’s a small skill tree within the Victim abilities, with three separate levels. Depending on which upgrade you choose, you can only go certain pathways. This make it difficult to decide which paths are best to follow.

Personally I decided to only go for Decreased Sprint Stamina and Quicker Recharge Rate. This is because I wanted to have the ability recharge faster, since you’ll be chased quite often during Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Also, the stamina can deplete pretty quickly, so I wanted to upgrade that. Instead of Increase Duration, I rely on the ‘Choose Flight’ Perk to give me an even longer sprint time.

  • Level one: Decreased Sprint Stamina
    • Running stamina consumption is reduced by 50% while ability is active.
  • Level two: Quicker Recharge Rate
    • Reduces the ability recharge time to 100 seconds.
  • Level three: Decreased Sprint Stamina
    • Running stamina consumption is reduced by 100% while ability is active.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is available on Steam.

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