A Texas Chain Saw Massacre price guide has released, at least free content is still free

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Sumo Digital, the creators of the online horror survival game Texas Chain Saw Massacre, have now released a price guide for future content. While currently you must purchase the game, and you get the current five Victims and Family members for free, new content won’t be the same. Free content like maps will stay free, but everything else releasing will have a price.

Price guide for Texas Chain Saw Massacre has released, leaving some fans disappointed

After Sumo Digital posted this on Twitter/X, many fans took to Reddit to make their complaints. Although transparency is nice, it seems as though the prices of future content drops are a little steep for some. The image in the post shows how prices are broken down in USD:

byu/Mad_Dog_DarDa inTexasChainsawGame

  • Premium Content: $15.99
  • Characters: $9.99
  • Executions: $6.99
  • Cosmetics: $4.99
  • Free Content: Free

While some players are making jokes about how they’re glad free content is free, others are discussing the interesting prices for characters and cosmetics. Some posts are saying how the only thing that should cost money are cosmetics. In many video games, you can unlock new content through playing the game, or earning in-game currency. But it seems as though any new Victim or Family member will cost you. It’s common for this to happen to free-to-play games, but this isn’t a free game.

How To Earn Sp In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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It’s even more interesting to see no bundle prices. Typically, I’d be okay with paying $10 for a character and a cosmetic or two, but the fact that one character each is $10 is a little pricey. By my standards, at least, and it seems that way for many gamers in the Reddit post’s comments. There are even some players comparing the prices to Dead By Daylight, which is probably the most similar game to Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Seeing the player backlash, I’m unsure whether or not Sumo Digital will change any of their plans for microtransactions. But for now, at least you’ll get future maps for free!

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