The latest WAR update reveals that the Demoman will be getting access to a sword and shield.As the Soldiers are currently just slightly ahead in the WAR – with 4,666,558 Demomen killed to 4,441,214 Soldiers dead – last night had a wholly Demoman update, with a Demoman-focused comic as well as a weapon reveal.The comic shows off the Demoman’s home life as it continues the story from the Administrator and the Saxton Hale comics as TF Industries makes him an offer he can’t refuse, while the weapons form the Close Combat Kit.First off in the Close Combat Kit is the Eyelander, a gigantic haunted sword “slow-forged for generations in the bowels of captured English kings.” Being haunted, the Eyelander decreases the Demoman’s maximum health to begin with, but every head it cuts off makes the Demoman both healthier and faster.Second is the Chargin’ Targe, which replaces the sticky bomb launcher and helps Scotsmen come to terms with shields by letting them use it as an offensive weapon. Equipping the Targe grants the Demoman +50% fire damage resistance and +65% blast damage resistance, while the shield’s alt-fire lets the Demoman charge towards an enemy at faster-than-Scout speeds, which, obviously, will hurt.If you hit an opponent with a melee weapon during your charge, it’ll deal critical damage, too. A medium range charge will deal a mini-crit, while a long-range charge inflicts full crit damage. This is, however, the only way the Eyelander can actually cause crit damage.Previous to this, the big news was the reveal that crafting will be coming to Team Fortress 2. We’re expecting to see another reveal later today, so stay tuned.

    Paul Younger
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