Thatgamecompany to reveal new game this year

Thatgamecompany, the studio behind Flow, Flower and Journey, is planning on releasing their next game sometime this year. 
At present the company are deciding which publisher to plump for, with a decision said to be due “within the next month”, according to studio co-founder Jenova Chen.
Journey represented the third game in a three game deal with Sony that meant Thatgamecompany’s output during the period was exclusive to the PS3. While no publisher has been agreed upon yet, the likelihood is that their next game will be multiplatform.
“In terms of when you’ll know about the next game, I think we intentionally announce our games very early,” said Chen. “We announced Flower half a year after we launched Flow, we announced Journey half a year after we launched Flower. So hopefully within this year, you’ll hear from us about our next game.” 
If you haven’t played Journey, then you really should. Read our review if you need convincing.
Source: VG247

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