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With a jaw-dropping 17.5 million copies sold to date, Elden Ring is the most-played FromSoftware game in the world. This means, for many players, it’s the first step into the cruel and unforgiving world of a Souls-like game. Speed, frame-by-frame accuracy, and nimble fingers are all absolutely necessary for any chance of success. Knowing the best PC keybindings for Elden Ring is the most essential starting point for any maidenless warrior.

the best PC keybindings for Elden Ring lift

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It is worth noting that everyone has their own preference when it comes to keybindings. Your background in gaming will always have a heavy influence on how you play. These suggestions are subjective and based on opinion and some research. I know someone who plays using the directional buttons for movement; they need to be locked up.

The best PC keybindings for Elden Ring movement

Evasion is everything. Ensuring you have every little movement dialed in is essential. It is imperative that your fingers don’t get crossed when executing a life-saving backstep.

Movement – W, A, S, D. Anything other than this is wrong.

Dodge, Roll, and Dash – Spacebar. This keeps your fingers free when you need to do these movements to the right. Losing the use of the ‘D key’ due to the default being ‘F’ makes no sense.

Jump – F. Jump and run while still moving.

Crouch – C

the best PC keybindings for Elden Ring rolling

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Combat PC keybindings

These need to become second nature if you ever hope to start taking down bosses.

Light Attack – Left mouse button. The original and the best.

Heavy Attack – Shift + Left mouse button.

Guard – Right mouse button.

Skill – ‘Ctrl.’

Use Item – ‘R.’ This keeps it close to hand in a pinch.

Event Action – ‘E.’

Camera PC keybindings

These should be kept pretty much the same; it’s almost a universal standard. They were already the best PC keybindings for Elden Ring.

Camera – Mouse movement.

Lock on – Middle mouse button.

Armament switch PC keybindings

Keep these close and the enemies on their toes.

Switch Sorcery – ‘1’

Switch Item – ‘2’

Switch Right Hand – ‘3’

Switch Left Hand – ‘4’

It’s all a matter of taste

The debate as to the best PC keybindings for Elden Ring still rages on to this day. It all comes down to personal preference in the end. It was clear by the poorly mapped controls with the release of the game that FromSoftware likely expected most players to use a gamepad. If you’re a diehard mouse and keyboard player, you’ll just have to rebind and bare it.

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