The Sinking City guide: Full game walkthrough and solutions for all main story cases

The Sinking City Full Walkthrough Guide Main Story Feat

Case #2: Lost At Sea

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The second chapter will take you around a couple of districts. You’ll also get a chance to go diving for the first time, checking out the depths of The Sinking City.

This will also be the first time in The Sinking City’s main quest that you get to use archives in public buildings. As mentioned in our investigations guide, make sure to have the evidence active on the left-hand side panel before looking for search results.

The Sinking City Full Walkthrough Guide Main Story Case 2 Lost At Sea

  • Exit your room at the Devil’s Reef Hotel and speak to the innkeeper. He’ll give you a sidequest, but that’s a story for another time.
  • Head to northern Coverside (between Asher Rd. and Hubert Ave.) to find the Expedition Headquarters. Again, buildings that are required for cases are marked with an “H.”
  • Examine all the objects you can interact with.
  • Use Mind’s Eye to follow shadow crows and open up the wall leading down to the basement.
  • Take out the hostile NPC here and pick up the note.
  • Retrocognition: (1) “We don’t have time to pick it.” (2) “Grab the papers.” (3) Occult prayer, (4) “Burn it all.”
  • Archives: Head to Oakmont Chronicle and use the archives. Select “Advertisements/Grimhaven Bay/After the Flood.” Make sure the evidence is actively shown on the panel.
  • The pier mentioned in the clue is actually near the same spot where we started the game. That’s the spot where you were following shadow crows/Omens for the first time and climbing up the crates, if you recall.
  • Make your way there by running or using boats since we don’t have a fast travel point yet.
  • Speak to the fisherman who’ll tell you what happened. Kill the wylebeasts to clear the area.
  • Examine all the corpses at the pier, make sure to watch as your sanity drops while looking at corpses.
  • Retrocognition: (1) “No more drink.” (2) “To the mair with you!” (3) “You can’t take me!”
  • Speak to the fisherman again. It looks like the man you’re looking for, Captain Sanders, has a shoulder wound and is seeking medical attention.
  • Archives: Travel to Coverside to the east and find the Hospital of St. Mary. Speak to the doctor then use the registry. Look for “Patients/Surgery/Grimhaven Bay.”
  • Talk to the wounded man on the 3rd floor who’ll reveal himself to be Capt. Sanders.
  • Check the surgery room in the basement and follow the Omens to find the Titania’s log.
  • Travel back to Grimhaven Bay and find the Diving Suit Factory mentioned in the address. Kill the wylebeasts in this building.
  • Once you’ve obtained your diving suit, head back to the pier from earlier. There’s a boat that’ll take you to Devil’s Teeth.
  • Head to Devil’s Teeth (which is a very small island), and use the diving suit to go below the depths.
  • Traverse the seabed until you reach the cavern with a green glow. Beware of tentacles popping up, or looking at giant creatures that’d affect your sanity.
  • Talk to the NPCs in the cavern. Piece together the clues and decide on what to do with them.
  • Speak to Throgmorton about the results.
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