Case #5: Nosedive

    The Sinking City’s fifth main case involves the creepy Ebernote Blackwood. Oh, it also features an appearance by the KKK.

    The Sinking City Full Walkthrough Guide Main Story Case 5 Nosedive

    • Meet with Ebernote Blackwood at the Reed Heights office using the address provided. It’s the only building in the area that allows you to dock your boat.
    • Kill the hooded combatants. Examine the corpses and evidence to find out what happened to Blackwood.
    • Retrocognition: (1) “We’re under attack!” (2) “I surrender.” (3) “The Imperial Wizard’s gonna deal with you!” (4) “The Order ain’t welcome!”
    • Archives: Visit the Oakmont Police Department and search for “Violent Crimes/Victims/Criminal Pattern.” You’ll discover that the killers have ties to the Ku Klux Klan.
    • Travel to the Orion Club in Advent district.
    • There are lots of wylebeasts and even KKK members here. Take them all out. You’ll discover Blackwood’s hideout in Grimhaven Bay.
    • Once you’re at Blackwood’s hideout, interact with all the evidence. Use your Mind’s Eye to discover the hidden room in the basement.
    • Retrocognition: (1) “Finish off the interlopers!” (2) “Into the sea…” (3) “Time to strike back at the Order!”
    • Use your Mind Palace to piece together the clues. You’ll find out that Ebernote headed to the western edge of Salvation Harbor past Pembroke Lane.
    • Use the diving suit here and traverse the seabed until you reach the cavern.
    • Speak to Ebernote and follow the pathway.
    • There will be several walls here with fiendish illustrations. Use your Mind’s Eye to open a path.
    • Decide on what to do with the individual that you meet at the ritual room.
    • Examine the altar.
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