Case #8: Fleeing Phoenix

    The penultimate case in The Sinking City has you meeting an archaeologist as you search for the entrance to Cthygonnaar. Oh, and in an odd turn of events, you’ll also have to deal with an undead Mayan priestess. Yikes!

    The Sinking City Full Walkthrough Guide Main Story Case 8 Fleeing Phoenix

    • Visit the archaeologist Joseph Hill using the address given to you.
    • Kill all the wylebeasts in the building. You’ll also encounter an undead Mayan priestess named Usha. Usha strikes fast and can teleport so, yes, you’ll be quite surprised given all the sluggish enemies you’ve encountered so far.
    • Usha will escape and Hill will ask for your help in tracking her, telling you about rumors of a ” vampire” in Salvation Harbor.
    • Archives: At the Oakmont Police Station, search for “Violent Crimes/Criminal Pattern/Salvation Harbor.” It looks like this vampire preyed on people in an alleyway.
    • Head to the alleyway from the address.
    • Retrocognition: (1) “Great fisk!”(2) “Take this, you damned corpse!” (3) A Mayan ritual. (4) “Order me, priestess.”
    • Head back to the Devil’s Reef Hotel and speak to the innkeeper. Check the room next to yours for evidence.
    • You’ll need to head to a flooded lab in Salvation Harbor at Moorland Road between C. Smith Ave. and Powderhouse Street.
    • Kill the monsters in the Hidden Lab and examine various evidence.
    • Retrocognition: (1) “You promised we’d be rich.” (2) “She broke the seals!” (3) “Help me, you bastard!”
    • Use your Mind Palace to decide on your course of action. There are three possible outcomes.
    • Return to Joseph Hill’s house and make your choice.
    • Find Usha’s tomb in the cemetery. Remember the crematorium from earlier, the one in southern Reed Heights? That’s where we need to go.
    • Usha’s tomb is the one at the cemetery that’s surrounded by tall rock formations that look like fingers. Enter it and dive.
    • Make your way through the underwater passage until you reach the cavern.
    • Speak to Usha and make your decision.

    The Sinking City Full Walkthrough Guide Main Story Case 8 Boss Fight Usha

    Boss Fight: Usha

    It’s possible not to fight Usha at all. Assuming you decided to do so, well, she’s not that challenging. Remember, she does move and strike fast, quite unlike the wylebeasts in The Sinking City. She teleports using a puff of smoke, and then she reappears next to you. She follows up with a couple of stabs that do tremendous damage.

    Keep moving sideways to avoid her attacks. When she misses her lunge, start peppering her with shots. It’s best to use your shotgun or submachine gun as well. Usha may try to drink the blood of a captive but that also leaves her defenses open. You can also chuck some grenades while she’s stuck in her animation.

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